My 50th Article

50 freaking articles..I am crying peeps (okay, I lied, I wasn't crying but I feel so emotional about this). Look who is writing her 50th article on her blog. Me, me, me and me🙋. It is so surreal to me. Honestly, I am so proud of this blog. Even if I stop writing (which I don't think I will anytime soon), I will always keep this blog for my kids to read. I wish I had this blog in my university days, there were so many stories and gists back then. But you know how they say "better late than never", yup, yup, so no regrets, just an open thought. Btw, I am so happy with all the articles on this blog (*pats shoulders/flips hair*).  I have gotten better with time. I have also started publicizing the blog little by little. I opened an IG page solely for my blog posts (@diaryofawifeandmum) and I always share all the new posts on my twitter page (@wemiibidun). Honestly, if you ever have a conviction to do something, "just do it". It might not make sense to you at first, you might even be discouraged and disappointed along the line but who cares afterall. As long as you are happy with whatever choice you have made and convinced to do it, please don't stop.

No long stories peeps. In order to celebrate my 50th article, I will be sharing my top 5 favourites posts out of my 50 articles, followed by my top 5 most read articles and finally, my thank you note to everybody that has stopped by to either say hi, peep or go the extra mile to like my articles and comment. So, let's do this.

Let's start with my favourites. Honestly, writing like I say is my happy place, all my articles should be my favourite right? Well, things don't always work that way. We always have favourites in life😍. On that note, I present to you my top 5 favourites on my blog and why they made it to the top 5.

1. First of All was my first article on this blog. This post definitely made it to my favourite list simply because it was my first article ever on this blog and I wrote that article when I wasn't even sure of what I was doing. I just knew I wanted a blog/a platform to express myself. And guess what, after that first article, I have now written 49 more. How amazing is that😍

2. Pregnancy Tracker is another article I love so much. I mean, I tracked my pregnancy every week till I gave birth. I have always seen people do it and I decided to also recreate something like that when I get pregnant. Of course, I did it and I am so happy about that. Hopefully, if I get pregnant again and I have the strength to do it, I will definitely do it again (fingers crossed). It's just a fun way to see your progress every week and also good for memories.

Check out the main article to see my weekly progress/countdown pictures😍
3. Blog Recap: 1 Year After  - I remember not publicizing my blog until after a year of writing. My first year blogversary was a big one for me. I was so happy that I ended up keeping this blog and doing what I love doing best. 2 years later, my blog is still here and I am still blogging (whoop, whoop)

4. Y'all already know Teni has to be in this list right? hahaha, hell yeah. I have written a lot of articles about her on my blog. This one was hard to pick but I think my favourite will definitely be when she clocked the big one (My Baby is One) . I mean, seeing your little one grow and graduating from one milestone to another is just AMAZING. Motherhood is definitely a blessing and like I always say, no matter how challenging, tired or boring life might be right now, I would't trade it for anything in this world.

5. Finally, the 5th article will be Hej då Sweden, Hi Canada. This was one of the biggest decisions we made as a family. I am just grateful with the way everything turned out because it wasn't an easy decision to make nor a walk in the park to move to a different location entirely and hoping everything will turn out well. Well, let's just say we took the risk and we have no regrets. Looking forward to my 1 year anniversary already in Canada💃

With no further ado, let's move to my top 5 most read articles:-
1. 5 Random facts about my Husbae - This still stands as the most read article on my blog. I wrote this article to celebrate my husband's birthday in 2018. I guess his friends/my friends were all curious to know the kind of man I married and yes, I am glad i'm able to share a part of my best friend with the world.

2. How to download and install WEKA on Windows and Mac OS X - Well, I am still surprised and really do not know how this article boomed. I am so happy this article made it to the top 5 though. I don't write about family alone btw😜. I also do a bit of career gist once in a while. This article is one interesting read, you can also check it out.

3. My baby is One - Obviously, the world celebrated my baby with me. This is also one of my favourites articles as well #ProudMamaMoments.

4. 2018 in Review - Well, at this point, I had started sharing my blog on my instagram page (@wemiibidun) and this was one of the articles that I shared first. I guess most of my friends didn't even know I had a blog and started out with this article.

5. My life after two years in Sweden made it to my top 5 most read article💃. For a while, this article was the most popular post on my blog. I was so happy when it boomed then, I didn't even know it will move to number 5 anytime soon. This was also the 5th post on my blog and I wrote it in 2017 (how time flies)

Overall, it's been a beautiful ride sharing a part of my life on this blog. I really want to say a big THANK YOU!!! to every beautiful soul that has shared, read, liked, sent me private messages and even commented on my blog. I see y'all and I don't take anyone for granted. Looking forward to my 100th article and beyond. If you have been patient enough to read to this point, you are the real MVP and I love you, yes YOU. Until next time...💋