About the Marriage Life

Recently, my husband tagged me on this post via my twitter page (@wemiibidun) and as a generous madam (never call me this name, let's just say it's one of my pet peeves😜) that I am nau, lol, I thought to share with my lil fambam (family) here plus it is also a nice and relatable post. Remember how I mentioned here that I will be writing few articles about marriage this year? Well, let's kick off with this.

As y'all know and if y'all don't know, well I can say it again. My marriage will be five years in few months (please, who is cutting onions😭). I mean 5 freaking years (unbelievable, I mean we just did our wedding yesterday, how time flies). I am also freaking out myself at the sound of 5 years..lol. To think that I have known this guy for almost 9 years even freaks me out more. Like what😱!!! how have we been able to stay together for that long 😝🤷‍♀️. Well, I actually take no credit for the success of this marriage. We both have worked as a team and it has been a rewarding journey. I am still coming back with my 5 years emotional note (watch out for it) but before then, let's tackle this article.

So the name of the guy is Ryan Stephens (@ryanstephens on twitter) and he basically gave few tips that can help couples in their marriage. I feel like these tips have worked for us a lot in this marriage and as usual, I am a sharer so I will just go ahead and share the tips with you guyz aswell. I do not guarantee that this will work in all marriages but I can assure you that it will enhance peace in your marriages (that "ifokanbale" lifestyle - ask your yoruba friends to interpret this for you😂😝. I am savage like that).

1. No one should ever hear anything bad about your spouse from you - Say no more, this is the truest (if there is anything like that, btw). No matter how bad his/her flaws might be, let it be between you two. I mean this is your better half, you need to protect him/her. Whatever negative things you say about him/her stays with those ones you have told and you might regret it later. This is my two cents, you can read more about this on his page.

2. Over communicate - I love the way he uses the word "over". I mean talk all the talks. Nothing beats communication. Never assume anything. This is your spouse, the person you plan to live with for the rest of your life, so loosen up and talk all the talk. Azzin, I tell my hubs the stupidest thing. Let's not even go there. We are definitely on the table of over communicating. I mean after 5 years, what's not to talk about again🤷‍♀️. If you are on the under communicating table. Gurl, you need to step up your game this year.

3. Try new things together - Marriage can be boring if you don't spice things up. When it is becoming boring and too "routine-ish", start thinking of ways to spice things up. It can be as simple as cooking together. This works for me all the time. I LOVE when he helps me in the kitchen. Even if it's just to fry akara (my favourite btw). Recently we added a Sunday evening movie date (we haven't be consistent with this though, thanks to so many tasks on my table. Breathe Wemimo, breathe). Just spice things up and try new things. Whatever works for you is fine.

4. Be each other's champion - Celebrate him/her. I am forever a fan of celebrating everything. Be it little or big. I am very much involved in le hub's work. Whenever there is a milestone reached or any new gist, trust that I already know about it. I remember during his Phd days, we always rejoice on his paper acceptance together. I mean, it can't be better than that. Celebrate him/her as much as you can. He does the same anyways but he likes exaggerating sometimes🤦‍♀️, i'm always like Baey stop it. I remember when I finished my second masters, OMG, let's not even go there. The way le hubs hyped the whole thing ehn, you will think I just won a billion dollars😂 #BestHypeMan

5. Be grateful for each other's contribution - Well, this for me is also key. No matter how small, learn to be grateful. This for me doesn't have to be financial contribution. How about the days she helped with groceries, or the day she did the laundry or the day he decided to clean the dishes or even the tiniest little things around the house. Let alone the monetary part. Just appreciate each other. This is a ginger, it will also encourage the other person to do more #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork

6. Trust and respect each other: Trust and respect is very important in every relationship. How well do you respect your significant other? Respect, they say is reciprocal. I don't take this for granted. It works either ways. You two should always learn to respect each other.

Generally, marriage is hardwork, it is not a walk in the park. It is a project on it's own. Whatever input you put inside it, is the output you will receive, no two way about it. In conclusion, I wish all married, about to marry and even single ladies all the best as we all continue on this journey. I hope you loved reading this article as much as I loved writing it. Until next time...💋...Btw, Happy Easter !!! Cheers🥂

Btw, look who photobombed our picture and stole the shine...So cute😍❤️