Blog Recap: 1 Year Later💃

I know its a cliché that Husbae😍 takes the best pictures but yes, he took this picture and I absolutely LOVE it😘
Its been a whole year of blogging. Cheers to me 🥂 because I never knew I could do it but I did it anyway 💃(the picture above depicts my mood and my shadow's mood right now😃)... I am so excited and truly proud of myself. I remember how I started with the fear of the unknown. My first post was all about how I have always been deleting my blogger account over the years because I didn't find a good reason to keep it or just lost it along the line. I decided to be posting on the 14th of every month which would give me a total of 12 posts at the end of 2017 but I made it to 14 posts (2 extra articles😋). There were so many interesting things that unfolded in my life in 2017 and I shared a bit of them here and here. I was also able to expand on some of the articles I wrote for Newbie (an English webpage for newcomers in Sweden) which I shared here and here. I rounded up the year by giving a breakdown of the highlights of my year here and how 2017 blew my mind away. I enjoyed every piece I wrote on my blog and I believe I was also able to grow and learn a lot more.

Some of the lessons I learnt in this 1 year of blogging are:
  • Be yourself: There are a lot of bloggers out there. I mean millions of blogger and if you are not careful, you will start comparing yourself to what others have done or are doing better than you. At the end of the day, you will be a photocopy of other people's work. So, the first lesson I learnt is to be ORIGINAL. I am not saying you should blindfold your eyes to other bloggers of course you can get inspiration from them but don't be a copycat. Remember the reason why you started in the first place and then keep at it.

  • Always Reference your Images: Copyright is an offence!!! During my masters, I learnt a lot about how plagiarism can make you loose your certificate. There is no crime in using someone else's image on your blog. However make sure you reference them properly else you can be sued or termed a thief in the future. For me, I use my personal pictures most of the time but days when I am stuck and need an image to illustrate whatever point I am trying to make, I try my best to reference it.

  • It gets better: I know I said in my first post that I have been writing since my university days. However, the truth is the more you write, the better you become in this writing business thing. I have grown in this one year of writing. I still make some mistakes and I still struggle with some words but I have honestly grown and become a better person and I definitely know that it will  get better because my blog is here to stay. Can I hear a loud AMEN😄🙈

  • Share your Posts: Guilty as charged. I have not been so good with the sharing thing. Not as if I don't want people to see what I have written but I just wanted to be sure I am fully ready with my blogging life before announcing to the world and then deleting the whole thing again. I have been able to share most of my articles on bloglovin', twitter and google+ which I totally love. Hopefully I can get my hands on more articles this year and share aswell. Sharing your posts will enhance feedbacks from people and you can know if people actually enjoy what you are writing or not. I have been able to get few mails and comments which I totally appreciate.

  • Finally, Writing is a Therapy: I have always known that writing makes me happy but since I have been consistent, the feeling has been totally different. There are some days I read my posts, smile and just pat myself like "Wemimo, how did you do this😆" yes if I don't hype myself, who will😛. I find joy, comfort, relief and happiness in my writing and I know that this is how other bloggers feel too after completing an article or getting feedbacks. The feeling is magical and I cannot explain it😍

These are my top 5 lessons and I am grateful for wisdom to put words together. I hope to write more in 2018 and of course work on myself as well. I have decided to add more columns to my homepage, put some extras on my sidebar and get a domain name😏 (update: I got a domain name on the 20th of January, 2018 💃). Cheers to many more years of blogging🥂

Until next time...💋