5 Random Facts About My Husbae 😍

Its my husband/baey's aka Husbae😛birthday week💃. I am a big fan of celebrating every milestone from birthdays to anniversaries and all those jazz. Men generally are not into all those countdown noise, lol😆 but c'mon as a lady we gotta do what we gotta do jare😋

So while I am still in the mood of countdown/celebrating my main man, I decided to share 5 random facts about him. My husband is a very reserved person however I feel that there are so many interesting things about him that I have learnt/discovered since I met him in 2010 (yes its been 8 amazing years of knowing him). Anyway no long story, let's dive right into it 👇👇👇👇

1) He loves Nature: My husband is that kind of person that will say "babe, lets go to the mountains or riverside😢. I didn't know this part of him until we got married and he constantly told me we should go out to the mountains or some random places that I naturally have zero interest in. For me, I love animals and I can visit the zoo everyday but after living with my husband for almost four years now, I think I am starting to appreciate the beauty of nature little by little. It is definitely not my go to everyday hobby but marriage has forced me to love nature😋(love and its consequences😏)

2) He is an Amazing Photographer: This is one natural/inborn talent that I know my husband has but he doesn't believe when I tell him simply because he is a "doubting Thomas😩". My husband takes AMAZING pictures. I mean he has never been to any training school or read any books about photography but trust me, his pictures are always nice, clean and amazing. He takes 99% of his pictures with his phone and I am always impressed with the output every freaking time. Maybe in the future, he will look into this talent but for now, I have become a model since we got married😂. I trust him with my pictures and I have never been disappointed except when he is not in the mood sha (though). Peep some of his amazing phone shots below and tell me if you can beat that😜

3) He is a member of the Headmaster Gang: Hmmm, this man is part of the #HeadmasterGang. I mean he was the best graduating student for his set after completing his bachelors degree with a CGPA of 4.75/5.00. He didn't stop there, he moved on to having a perfect CGPA of 5.0/5.0 in his postgraduate programme (*flips hair* #ProudWifeyMoment😜). Last year (2017), he completed his Phd. Yes he is Dr. Olumuyiwa. I don't even joke with my man. Plus, if I don't hype my man, who will? This is not even any hype whatsoever but I respect the person he has become and becoming. He has proved to me that being extra isn't far-fetched. If you can dream it, and you are ready to work hard, then the sky is your starting point. We are both still becoming but I will continue to be his biggest cheerleader simply because I can 💪

4) He is a great Cook: Call him Master Chef Dr Ibids😆😜 This man can cook. I remember during my preggy (pregnancy) days. He made me awesome/yummy meals from yam peppersoup to garden egg stew to efo elegusi, stir fried indomine, moinmoin and lots more. I still do better than him in the kitchen as expected anywayz😜 but those days when a girl needs some days/time off. I can always trust him to slay in the kitchen and slay very well at it.

Peep this MoinMoin Elemimeje by Baey😍
5) He loves watching documentaries: Hmmm....clash of titans on this one😀. In our first year of marriage, we discovered that we were two different people. I mean we don't like the same kind of movies, tv programmes, activities, etc. My husband LOVES watching documentaries. Its okay to watch documentaries but he loves historical documentaries😪😭. This was so hard for me to understand. why would I pick an historical documentary over my favourite TV series. I can watch documentaries of animals, food or some interesting ones but not some boring historical palava (thing). In his argument, that is why I didn't like general knowledge/history as a subject in high school😆 (*flips hair*, who general knowledge epp 🙈). I have actually started watching some with him but trust me, I sleep 99% of the time (date night gone wrong all the time😄).

I have been loving this man for 8 years, I still love him and I will always love him. We definitely have our own issues but we have just learnt so many tactics and ways to deal with them💪. Nobody is perfect, people just learn to be perfect for each other through thick and thin. 

P.S: I made a short video of some of the amazing times we have had together 👇👇👇👇

In summary, we (myself and Teniola) wish him long life in good health and prosperity. Cheers hun🥂😘Until next time...💋

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