Hej då Sweden🇸🇪, Hi Canada🇨🇦

There is a popular adage that says that "the only thing that is constant is change" (if you are familiar with my blog, by now you should already know that I am obsessed with quotes). Anyway,  as the title of this post says, we said bye bye to Sweden (hej då Sweden) and we decided to embrace Canada (hi Canada) as our new home for the next few years (who knows where we will find ourselves again in the next few years as the Ajala that we are nau😜lol).

Sweden was good, fun, sometimes bad, interesting, mostly cold, boring, very dark in Winter and all sorts BUT I will never ever forget Sweden simply because our little pumpkin was born in Sweden😍 but aside the fact that Teni was born in Sweden, so many memories both positive and negative ones, were created by us in Sweden. I am not going into too many stories today but I will be sharing my top 10 memorable events that will always make me remember Sweden (in no particular order). Let's dive right into it👇👇👇

1. We celebrated our first year Anniversary in Sweden
In July 2015, we celebrated our first year  anniversary which I wrote a little bit about here. We were separated for roughly about 7 months after our wedding so that one year anniversary was special to us. We got our amazing couple friend to come over to our house and they took us beautiful pictures which I still love till now.

2. We met amazing friends who have now turned to families
Like I said above that we had an amazing couple friend that came over to take our anniversary pictures. This our couple friend turned out to be more than friends, they simply became our family. We shared amazing memories together from attending church together, to barbecue moments, birthday and graduation celebrations, playing scrabble together (my best part😝). Teni also celebrated her first Christmas ever with them. So many beautiful/amazing moments with this family😍. We also met other amazing friends from different parts of the world that made our time in Sweden beautiful. Although, I don't have all their pictures but I will always remember these people for many years to come.

Hubby's Birthday dinner in March 2015
After church service
Graduation celebration🤸‍♂️🎉
Summer Outing
Teni's first Christmas ever
This baby girl aka Sister-Friend made my hair through our stay in Sweden without collecting a dine😍 #ThankfulAlways
3. My husband finished his Phd💃
This was our main purpose for relocating to Sweden in the first place. As y'all already know that I am always a #TeamProudWife. I am super proud of my husband for completing this phase of his life. The journey was tough but he pulled through anyways. The event like I wrote here was beautiful and memorable. I am grateful to Sweden for giving my husband the opportunity to attain the highest level of academic degree. I am also grateful for the all the benefits and advantages that I got from this opportunity.

4. I completed my Masters degree program *flips hair*
Yes💪 Mama Bear completed her masters degree. I am still trying to write about my experience during the program but its been so hard to complete that article but the koko (main thing) is that I completed it. I was pregnant during the program and I didn't complete my thesis until my baby was about 2 months old but I made sure that I finished the program amidst all. I actually have two masters degree because I started another one while I was babysitting Teni at home (double flips hair) but as the humble girl that I am, let's just leave it that way😝🙈 #ProudMamaBearMoment

The hustle was real😍
Screenshot of a part of my MSc Certificate😍 

Behind the Scene😓
5. We became parents
Of course, this one is one of our best experiences ever in Sweden. Even though Teni came towards the end of our stay in Sweden, the few months we spent together with her in Sweden was AMAZING. From her first Christmas and winter, to her crawling and so much more. She changed our lives completely and we loved it. She completes us and we cherish her a lot😍

Few hours after Teni was born😍

My baby slayed her first winter 😍
6. I experienced my first winter ever in Sweden
I landed in March 2015 which was towards the end of winter in Sweden BUT I experienced my first winter ever in my entire life in December 2015. I was born and bred in Nigeria and we don't have winter in Nigeria, the coldest season for us is harmattan. The closet i've been to winter before moving to Sweden was in the movies. However during my stay in Sweden, I experienced ALL the seasons from winter to spring to summer and fall (so magical and beautiful). Spring was definitely my best season, Summer was absolutely beautiful, Fall was a windy and rainy period while Winter was dark and very cold. I took pictures in all the seasons and I tried to enjoy them all. Winter could be overwhelming but I got used to it after my first winter.

March 2015 (Few days after I landed in Sweden)

7. I redefined and started my blog fully after volunteering for Newbie blog for a year
In 2016, I saw an advert on facebook about a Newbie blog that was looking for volunteers to join their team. The blog talks about how to adjust as a newcomer in Sweden so I applied and I was part of the contributors of that blog for a year. You can check out my articles here. I talked about my experiences as a Newbie and gave practical tips to newbies as they land in Sweden. I had an amazing time volunteering for Newbie and guess what? that blog inspired me to revive my own blog again💃. I have always had a blog but I just didn't have a direction but thanks to Newbie for the opportunity to also grow my wings. I redesigned my blog, bought a domain name, bought a nice theme and BOOM, almost two years later, I am still here writing and keeping up with my hobby.

You can check out the blog here
My happy place😍

8. I met my niece and nephew for the first time after 2 years and reunited with my Sister
I wrote about this here. I love twins a lot😍 (who doesn't love twins anyways, they are so adorable). It was a big blessing to our family to have twins. I have been longing to meet them since they were born but distance has always been the barrier. Thanks to my big sister for making that journey a reality. I had the best five weeks of my life bonding with them.  I also reunited with my sister of course and it was AMAZING. Who knew we would be leaving Sweden few months after they came. I am just grateful that they were able to travel all the way down to Sweden because the memories that we made will not be forgotten in many years to come.

9. I learnt a lot of DIYs like dyeing my hair, trying amazing recipes, making my hair myself amongst others
You know how in Nigeria one can easily get some snacks and fast foods like moinmoin, akara, gala, puffpuff, chinchin and all those stuffs on the street. Hmm, when I got to Sweden, the story was different ooo, there was no street foods again😢 so I had to learn to cook various recipes. Of course, I could make rice, beans and all those regular meals but as the extra girl that I am nau plus I know that my husband loves variety so I received sense kiakia😝. I got a lot of recipes from Youtube and Instagram, tried them and BOOM I made magic in my kitchen. To be honest I wasn't so much of a kitchen person before I got married but the way I slay in the kitchen now, even my friends think it's not the same Wemimo but you know what, like I said earlier, "the only thing that is constant is change". I am grateful to Sweden for this because I am sure that if I was in Nigeria, I wouldn't have attempted most of these recipes. Peep some pictures below at your own risk😝. I also learnt other DIYs like making my hair myself (I am presently on dreads which I will talk about in a different post), I also mastered the crochet braid thingy, I learnt how to do my own basic makeup, I dyed my hair for the first time and lots more. Sweden just brought out that creative part of me and I am loving it 💁. In Nigeria, you will always get people who will do all these things for you especially making your hair at affordable prices but when you live abroad, hmm your DIY brain will come out from nowhere and you will find yourself doing almost everything simply because everything is expensive. Yes i just said that, everything is expensive 😒

Pancake garnished with honey, strawberries and blueberries #YumYum
Oven baked MoinMoin in all its glory😍
Baked banana and oat snack

First time I dyed my hair. 
Fun Fact: Myself and hubs fixed this hair ourselves😍 #CrochetLife #LifeSaver
10. I learnt to appreciate nature and take more pictures
Nature! Nature!! Nature!!! Sweden is a land of nature. Beautiful mountains, beautiful forests and lots more. As a typical Nigerian girl that I am nau, I didn't appreciate all these things when I first got to Sweden. But like I said here, my husband takes AMAZING pictures. You can check this IG page for some of his amazing shots. When I started seeing these pictures on IG, I started having a different mindset/perspective to nature and I also started appreciating it. I learnt to love nature and I started taking amazing outdoor pictures. I used to take a lot of pictures before I left Nigeria (random fact about me: I love taking pictures😉) but when I got to Sweden and I discovered that outdoor pictures were so beautiful. Trust baby girl not to carry last nau, I switched to outdoor pictures. I discovered that the backgrounds of outdoor pictures are always naturally beautiful😍, with little or no filters required. Since I embraced this style,  my pictures have been on fleek (*in my eyes*😝)

One cold and beautiful Winter morning. Peep those trees behind that house😍
Sunset in all its Majesty. Random fact, picture was captured by me😍...I also take awesome pictures😝

Outdoor pictures does the magic for me all the time. I love it😍

Overall Sweden was good BUT don't be fooled with all the positive memories I listed above. There were a lot of bad days and we also had our own fair share of bad experiences. Some left scars while I healed from most of them completely. Life is filled with ups and downs, inasmuch as we all try to paint only the positive appearances, there are definitely many days where nothing seems to make sense at all and you begin to question your existence. I am totally grateful for all the experiences (good, bad and ugly). I will never forget Sweden for many years to come and even if I try to forget Sweden, Teniola will always make me to remember that beautiful and cold country.

I hope to make sweet and amazing memories in Canada such as building my career, making awesome friends, keep being the best mum to my baby girl, slaying my wifey roles as usual, taking stunning pictures😝 and generally just having fun. Of course, I don't expect Canada to be perfect but whatever life throws at me in Canada, I will embrace it and work hard to make my family proud.

I will be sharing random things as they occur and I will also be sharing few comparisons about my experiences so far between Sweden, Canada and sometimes Nigeria. In addition, I will keep sharing my usual tips, hacks and general articles. Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you again. Until next time...💋