2018 in Review

2018 has been an eventful year for me I must say. It definitely wasn't a perfect year but I recorded more successes than failures which for me is great. I did my 2017 in review here and reading through that now definitely brought tears to my eyes and even more reasons to be thankful. I don't know how long this yearly reviews will continue for, but let's just dive into the 2018 review for now. Like I did for the 2017 review, I will just be sharing my top 5 highlights of 2018 with you guyz...👍

  • Phd Graduation - My year started on a high note with my husband's Phd graduation ceremony in May 2018, which I wrote about here. For some reason, hubs finishing his Phd was one of my major highlights of 2017 aswell...*lol*. Well, what actually happened is that, he defended his thesis in December 2017 but the graduation and conferment ceremony didn't take place until May 2018 hence the extension of my highlights😜...Either ways, the whole graduation/conferment ceremony and the Phd as a whole was a bitter-sweet experience and memorable one for me. I am forever a #TeamProudWife. Btw, that was the major reason why we relocated to Sweden in the first place and seeing his dreams come true was a big one for him and the entire family. I am still proud of him and seeing how well everything turned out afterwards definitely made me understand that "hardwork truly pays". Thankful for the opportunity to be part of his success story and I will forever be his cheer lady and hypewoman😜

  • Relocation - Well, shortly after my hubs graduation came the big move, which I wrote about here. This was both emotional, exciting and worrisome for us. For some reason, we had lived and somehow settled down as a family in Sweden for over three years and then we decided to make a big move/change. The process of relocation wasn't an easy one at all and I have to also say that it is not for the weak minds. We had to go through the whole process of squeezing over 3 years possession into 6 boxes😢 (not fun at all). This decision, was a big one for us I must say. Aside from leaving friends behind and starting all over again, we didn't also know what to expect and just like everyone, we were a bit nervous but at the same time, hopeful. I am grateful for how everything turned out/is turning out. We are just 6 months in and I have so many stories to tell already (watch out for my 2019 stories). However, I am so grateful that we made that bold step amidst our fears and truly God has been faithful since we moved.

This picture was taken by the cab man who drove us to the airport the day we left Sweden (13/06/18)
  • Teni's Big One - Of course Teniola has to be in my highlight of the year, lol😋. My mini-me clocked the BIG ONE which I already wrote about here and here. She is so adorable and also growing so fast (they grow like weed). I am just grateful to God for this beautiful gift. Motherhood is not an easy journey and I know I am not a perfect mum BUT I am grateful for all the lessons learnt in 2018 and the many lessons that she has taught me within this short time of being her mum. Looking forward to more memories that we will be sharing together in 2019💃

  • My Birthday - 14/12 was a memorable one for me this year. I had the best birthday ever💃. Apart from crossing over to a new age, which I am totally grateful for, my husband surprised me with a beautiful ice cream cake and the iPhone XR that I had always wanted to buy for myself as a gift (that guy just knows how to aww me, he has my mumu button always). That aside, my baby had her first Christmas concert, which for me was the best birthday gift ever. I already wrote about that here aswell. She blew my mind away. Considering the fact that I only gave birth last year, that was a big one for me. I mean, she grew up right in my eyes...😍

Say hello to the birthday girl😌

  • Got a Job - I really haven't processed how I want to write about this yet😭...This was the  best highlight of my year. I simply ended my year on a high note. When I finally settle down, maybe/maybe not I will write about it but trust me at the beginning of this year, the only wish I had was to get a job after my baby clocks her big 1. At a point, I thought this won't be possible again this year but one way or the other, I got a job and my dream/2018 wish came through. I am just grateful for this and even though I haven't processed it yet/figured out the many changes that came with the job, I am just grateful for answered prayers.

Look who dropped by in my office with a box of cupcakes (The award of the best husbae of the year goes to Dr. Ibids😍)
Took this picture today during my lunch break (31/12/2018). What a great way to wrap up the year💃

The year was definitely fair enough for me. I had some tears, I had so many rejections especially when I was job hunting, I also lost few friends. It definitely wasn't a perfect one for me BUT for the little victories, successes and milestones, I am super duper grateful. I definitely do not know what 2019 has in store for me yet but as usual, I am just going to stay positive, embrace all the year has in store for me, take one day at a time and keep being me as always. 

Thank you, yes YOU for your support in 2018. My blog for sure boomed this year. I am just chilling till January 14 (blogversary) before I write about what and what I did on my blog through this passing year. However, I don't take any of you guyz for granted for always coming around and reading what I have say. Thank you & thank you, I love y'all. 

I hope to see y'all in 2019. Cheers! Cheers!! & Cheers!!! 🥂...Until next time...💋