My Baby is One😱!!!

How time flies😱...My sweet baby girl is ONE!!! Time went by really fast and she grew up right in my face😍. It's been an amazing ride. I have spent the last 12 months nurturing her and also learning this whole motherhood thing. Some days were pretty good, some days were challenging, some days were awesome and some days were overwhelming. Overall, it was a great opportunity for me to be able to nurture my #MiniMe for a year. When I started out on this journey, I had a lot of questions, expectations and fears but with the help of my family and friends, I was able to pull through and i'm glad I did it successfully💃🏾. Today, I can look back, tap myself on the shoulders and say "Wemimo, you are an amazing Mum, keep it up!!!😛"(If i don't hype myself, who will. Please lemme hype myself abeg😉)

My favourite handbag😍
I did my best to take care of my sweet girl. I am so proud of where we are today and also very excited about our future together. She slayed all her milestones and even started walking few weeks before her big ONE, how amazing😍!!!...I am on #TeamProudMum today. My prayer for you today Moteni is to keep growing and of course have more hair 😆🙈

Thank you Grandma Ojoo for my cute outfit😍
Iyalode of Ekitiland😆😍
No long stories today, I already wrote about my emotional birth story here and other short articles about her here, here and here. She is a child of grace hence her middle name, GRACE. My heart is full to the brim❤️ and I am so humbled to be her Mum💃🏾

To all the new mums out there, you are doing an amazing job. I never thought I could bath a new born talkless of nurturing a child but I did it anywayz. I pray God blesses every home looking for this kind of blessing and I also pray that God gives us the grace and wisdom to nurture these ones in the right way.

Congratulations🎉 + Happy 1st Birthday Omoteniola🎂 !!! We love you😘

Just before her Arrival

Three months never looked so good😍

Sitting Pretty at 5 months😍

My First Christmas😍
Six months Old

Hello Spring...My first spring

When your Mummy only shops for Hairband🙈

Something African😍

2018 Summer Vibes😍


Walking like a Boss😍
Of course I made a pic collage of her month to month baby tracker 😍 #MummyAlwaysExtra
This is what "How time flies really means"... All grown😍
To cap it all up, Teniola in this short video tell us about how she feels about clocking the BIG ONE!!!

I hope you enjoyed this piece as much as I enjoyed creating a memorable one year experience for my little one. Until next time...💋


  1. Happy 1st birthday dear Moteni You write so well Wemimo.