My Christmas Menu (2018)

My Christmas menu was a lil' different this year because I decided to try something different. I was a bit tired of the conventional rice menu that I was used to from home during the festive season (I mean jollof rice and fried rice were the most popular dishes during the holiday season before I left Nigeria). However, this year, I decided to switch things up just a little bit. Actually, I knew I was still going make rice one way or the other, I couldn't escape that totally. Rice wins all the time anyway😋 but I just wanted to try something different/new with the rice and the whole menu as a whole and *voila* this is what I came up with.

Main Course - Coconut White Rice with Chicken Curry Sauce and Stewed Beef
Snacks - Banana Puffpuff
Others - Stick Meat, Juice, SoyMilk & Coke

The best part of my day was the stick meat, it tastes as good as it looks. That was the highlight of the menu for me. I was so blessed to have my sister and her family around to taste the menu and they certified it 100%. I was so happy with their feedbacks and my day was definitely made. Attached below are few pictures of the menu...I hope to recreate some of them soon. The banana puffpuff was also heavenly, everybody fell in love with it. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to capture the picture of the chicken curry sauce because I actually prepared it late compared to the others and by the time I was done with it, I just set the table and we all ate. I also made peppered stew sauce just to have varieties on the table just incase people didn't want/like the chicken curry sauce. Thankfully everybody loved it, ate well and I won the award of #OlowoSibi😝 (someone that handles cooking well)

For someone like me who wasn't really into cooking and stuffs, trying various recipes now and seeing how good I can actually be in he kitchen, is actually a #ProudMamaBearMoment for me. A lot of times, I always panic whenever I want to try a new recipe because I am always afraid it might taste nasty or nobody will like it. As someone who doesn't like wasting things, if people don't like whatever I make, I will have to take the responsibility of eating it myself. However, I have been so lucky to have had at least an 80% success rate so far which is not bad actually (Let's not talk about the 20% part for now🏃‍♀️🙈). Hopefully 2019 will be a better year for me and my recipes. I am a #TeamFastFood... As long as it is a quick recipe, I will definitely give it a try. I will try to write more about some of the recipes that I try and "waows" me here. 

With no further ado, I present to you the pictures of my Christmas menu, I am sorry if this makes you hungry😝, I just cannot help it

This is a cross sectional image of the full menu with the chicken curry sauce covered between the beef and stick meat
Best banana puffpuff I have made in my entire life. So yummy😍
My million dollar stick meat in all its glory

Thank you for stopping by in my little corner. I hope you loved our Christmas Menu as much as I loved writing about them and also preparing them. Wishing you a fulfilling 2019 in advance. Btw, I added some extra pictures below, just because I love y'all, make sure to check them out before signing out. Until next time...💋

Peep my beautiful wreath😍...One of the best things I put up this year. I love it
Teni's visit to the Santa. Somebody is already bringing up her modelling skills btw😍
#Sisters #Cousins #BestFriends...Look who had a play date on Christmas Day😍
#OOTD...That moment you announce that food is ready 😂🤣