A New Chapter: Happy Birthday to me

Today is my birthday🎂🎈
I feel so blessed to have reached another milestone
I know I have come a long way
I also know that I still have many more years to grow
But, I am grateful today for how far I have come and the gift of life

Life is an adventure and I am grateful for the ride I have taken so far
So many exciting, awesome and tricky moments have crossed my path
So many lessons I have learnt on my journey
I have also learnt that failure is a part of life
I am grateful for all the lessons learnt so far and ready to fly into the future

These past years of my life hold a lot of memories
Memories of happiness and endurance
Memories of patience and hardwork
Memories of falling and rising 
Memories of risk-taking and reaching milestones
What can I say? I'm still standing tall and still grateful amidst all

And yes, the best part of my life is being a Mum to this cutie😍

Yes, I am ready to slay the next few years of my life
Yes, I am ready to learn more and experience beautiful adventures
Yes, I am ready to fly and explore
Yes, I am ready to fail and rise again
And yes, I am ready to make use of what I have to become a better me

Congratulations Wemimo, you are amazing, welcome to the best times of your life
Remember that the only way to tackle life is to to grab it by its collars
Remember that no amount of physical beauty will ever be as valuable as a beautiful heart
Remember to be kind to yourself and let the kindness flood the world
Remember to live, love and laugh. Your best medicine ever

In the roller coaster of life, you’re no longer the butterfly in the belly 
Neither are you over the hills. You’re just in-between
In between being too old and too young. Don’t fret, you're just right! 
You’re old enough to know better, but still young enough not to care 
So let your hair down, dance around, and enjoy the extra piece of cake. 

Today, I'm raising a glass for all I have done and will do
Raising a glass for love, life and laughter
Raising a glass for increase on all sides
And raising a glass for good health and many more years to come
Cheers! Cheers!! and Cheers!!! 🥂

P.S: My success story won't be complete if this man hadn't been there to cheer me on and support me. Thank you Dr. Ibids😘 aka Husbae for friendship, love and laughter. I rededicate my love for you today by saying "I will always love you baey😍. Thank you!!!".

Thank you for stopping by in my little corner today y'all. I hope to see you again. Remember to always live, love and laugh. Until next time...💋