Blog Recap 2018 & 2 Years Bloversary

Look who hit her 2018 goals for her blog and even more😭 (tears of joy everywhere )....I am so proud of myself right now. I remember at the beginning of 2018, the only goal I set for my blog was to be able to write double of what I wrote in 2017. In 2017, I was able to write 14 articles and I planned to write 28 articles in 2018 but guess what? I freaking wrote 31 articles (inserts another tears of How amazing is that!!! I know it is only 3 articles above my goal but c'mon, I always celebrate everything. I am actually a big fan of baby steps no matter how little. So many beautiful/amazing things happened on my blog in the passing year which I already wrote about in my 2018 year in review here. However, I am just going to be summarizing what happened on my blog in the passing year and like I said in my 2018 review, my blog boomed in 2018 for sure... So let's just dive straight into the recap

So I started my blog on the 14th of January, 2017, you can read my first post here. It was a big decision for me as I have always wanted to have a blog but I wasn't really sure if I would be consistent with it. I finally conquered my fears and just did it💪. Look at us now, two years later I am still here and still writing. I am super proud of you Wemimo, you have done so well for yourself (pats myself on the shoulders😜)

My Blog Intro Picture
In the passing year (2018), I decided to have at least two articles written in a month. I tried to keep up with that. Even though, some months were really busy and I couldn't keep up but I still tried to make up for those months one way or the other and boom, I reached my goals for 2018💃💃 (Baby girl was on fire)

Furthermore, I added some new tabs to my blog and arranged things better. I moved from single tabs to having more tabs and even sub tabs. How amazing is that😍. I also got a lot of mails, messages and comments from people who stumbled on my blog and were interested in my rants (lol). Those messages always put a smile on my face (I won't even lie) and I don't take any of those for granted...Btw, I have a bunch of new followers. I see y'all. Thank you for your support, I definitely love y'all.

To be honest, 2018 was one of my best years ever. I reached some milestones in my life, age-wise, family-wise and career-wise. I feel so blessed to be able to reach those milestones and I must say, I won't be forgetting 2018 in a long time.

If you are following me on IG, you would have known that #MirrorSelfie has been my new addiction🙈
Lest I forget, in 2018, I also added few videos to my Youtube channel which I haven't really figured out yet (lol). I actually love videos but they are more stressful to deal with and of course, I love/prefer writing to videos but if I have to do videos, why not, I can do that. Btw, I am writing this article during my 15 mins break at work (just so you know how much I enjoy doing this)

Click this -->> Teni's Concert to see this video on my Youtube channel 
Here comes 2019🥂, a new year, a fresh start. To be honest, I don't have a list of long goals for the blog this year. I just want to continue to write of course, I might not be as consistent as before because I have a lot going on right now especially with my new job and settling down in Canada as a whole. However, I will try my best to still put up articles and be consistent. This year,  you should expect to see more of career-ish from me, of course motherhood as usual (best part of my life), Canada gists and yes my marriage clocks 5 years (tears of joy again, hahaha...I have just been cutting onions in this post) in summer and I will also be sharing few posts about my marriage  (I don't enjoy writing a lot about marriage because I am still a baby in that unit but expect 1/2 articles from me this year)

Almost our 5th year Anniversary💃
Overall, I am so proud of me 💃 for reaching the two years mark on this blog. I really do not know the end point of this blog. I actually plan to keep this blog for a long time but I cannot forecast into the future yet. If I am able to keep it forever, why not but for now, I will just keep my fingers crossed🤞 and move on with the flow. Cheers to another year of blogging & Congratulations to me, myself and I 🎉🎊. If you have been patient enough to read to this stage, I am proud of you. Thank you for stopping by😘. Do not forgot to live, love and laugh in 2019. Until next time...💋