Get to Know My Daughter Tag (2021)

Welcome back to #WemsCorner. Today's post is a very special one for me. Trust me when I said "very special". I recorded this short "get to know me video" with my 3 year old daughter & she did so well (i'm not crying, you are 😜)

To be honest, my daughter is one of the main reasons I started blogging. I love documenting everythingπŸ˜‚ (mostly good things btw). When I had my daughter, there were so many beautiful and special moments that we shared together. Inasmuch as I take pictures a lot, I also wanted a platform to share the stories behind some of our pictures and video. Voila, that was how my blog came to life.  

I decided to document our journey as parents, my journey as a mum, and other beautiful memories even that we share as a family. Seeing my girl stand confidently in front of my camera just melts my heart & I honestly can't wait to share more amazing & beautiful moments with her. Okay, let me save you all these emotional stories & let's get right into it (whoosh whoosh, I'm so excited, can you feel my excitement already, I know you canπŸ˜›)

So this is just a short video that you can watch below. We actually make lots of random videos together but this particular one, I told her I wanted to ask her a couple of questions and she was so excited to answer the questions. I didn't want to bore her and I also didn't want the questions to be too long so I just came up with these ones quickly and boom, we made a video. I hope you enjoy watching this video as much as we had fun filming it. fun fact: This was just me coming up with random ideas in my head to keep up with her energy and keep her busy during the weekend. We were both happy afterward so definitely another win-win situationπŸ˜‚

Btw, if you are not a video person, here is the transcript of the Q & A but trust me, the video should be your number one choice πŸ˜œ

Teni: Hello

Mummy: Hi, what is your name?

Teni: My name is Teni "red" (I honestly don't know why she added the red but she is spicy like her Mama so Teni red it is)

Mummy: Hi Teni, how old are you?

Teni: Hmm, 3

Mummy: Good job. When is your birthday?

Teni: In July (btw, my girl will be 4 in July. whoop whoop. She is so excited, so am I)

Mummy: Good job. What is the name of your baby brother?

Teni: Tade

Mummy: Good job & what is the name of your mummy?

Teni: Hmm, Mummy

Mummy: And what is the name of your Daddy?

Teni: Daddy

Mummy: And what is the name of your best friend?

Teni: Hmm, Daniella and Bella

Mummy: Awww & they are also your cousins right?

Teni: Yeah

Mummy: Nice. What is your best food Teni?

Teni: Hmm, soup

Mummy: Oh, you like soup? What kind of soup?

Teni: Hmm, tomato soup

Mummy: Hmmm & what is your best colour?

Teni: Hmm, pink

Mummy: Pink. Like you are wearing a pink dress

Teni: Yeah

Mummy: Who bought the pink dress for you?

Teni: You

Mummy: Oh, your Mummy?

Teni nods her head in agreement

Mummy: Nice & where is your Grandpa and your Grandma?

Teni: In 'geria (she calls Nigeria 'geria)

Mummy: Haaa (I was acting surprised)

Teni started laughing at her Mama's acting skills πŸ˜œ

Mummy: Can you speak Yoruba, your language? (btw, our tribe is Yoruba and we try our best to speak our language to her. I'm so proud that she understands the basics now. I actually have another video on the words and sentences that she understands in Yoruba (might post it one day πŸ˜‰))

Teni: Yeah

Mummy: Okay, i'm going to ask you one question and you are going to tell us (I forgot to add "the meaning" but she understood what I meant, I guess😜). What is the meaning of "O dabo" in Yoruba?

Teni: Hmm, it is Goodbye

Mummy: Good job. (At this point, my head was about to fall, buhahahhaha) #ProudMumMomentHere

Mummy continues

Okay, can you say goodbye to everybody

Teni: Goodbye

Mummy: Tell them to subscribe to your channel

Teni: Subscribe to my channel (it's the way she used her thumb to tell people to subscribe for meπŸ˜‚. She has definitely been watching YouTube with her Mama)

Mummy: Say bye

Teni: Bye

                                                                            The End πŸ˜‰

I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS VIDEO & let me just say it again I'm so proud of my baby girl. She grew right in my eyesπŸ₯°. I remember when I did the mummy tag in 2018 here. She was so tiny. Just look at her now. Time really flies fast and I'm so thankful that I decided to document our journey as much as I can. I hope we can create more fun videos together as they grow. That will be all from me today. Until next time, remember to stay positive...πŸ’‹

How cute is the shape of my heart? πŸ₯°

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