Our First 100 Days: Mummy and Son Edition

It's 2021, yaaay🥳 !!! We made it💃. So many peeps were done with 2020 and it's chaos. To be honest, I was part of them aswell. I know there is still COVID-19 out there and I also know that nothing much has really changed from the previous year but that feeling of starting afresh and the hope of a better year is one of the reasons why people have been excited. Anyways, welcome back to my blogpost and yes, i'm happy to see you again. Happy New Year!!!

I will be starting this year with my son ðŸ¥³ (*drumroll please*). Recently, I was reading my motherhood posts (yes, I read my blogposts over and over again) and I saw this article where I wrote about the first 100 days with my daughter and how the experience was for me then (November, 2017). Well, that is what we are recreating today💃and i'm so excited. Can you feel the excitement aswell? Okay, let's do this *whoop whoop*

Btw, I haven't officially introduced my son on this blog. This will be his debut appearance here. So, let's do a little introduction first before the main gist of today. My son's name is Omotadeola shortened as Tade which means "my child is enough to lay a foundation of wealth". He was born on the 4th of October, 2020 and today is exactly his 100th day here. How amazing is that🥰. He has been a blessing to us and truly completed my family👨‍👩‍👧‍👦. I am extremely blessed to have him.  To be honest, everyday has not been the same but i'm grateful for the grace and strength to be a mum to my two adorable kids. 

Hi everyone, my name is Tade and you will be seeing me often on my mummy's blog😍

So if you ask me, "hey Wemimo, how has the first 100 days been for you?" this will be my honest response. As usual, I will be summarizing this with 5 points👇👇👇

1. The first few days were my best days - my son came a lil early (my birth blogpost is still coming🙈) and I had decided that I was going to be in my best mood after I gave birth, no matter what I experience this time (you can catch up with my daughter's birth story here while you wait for my son's birth story). To be honest, I was nervous shortly before his arrival but immediately I set my eyes on him, tears of joy were just rolling down my cheeks and I was so happy to be finally done with pregnancy and start my new journey as a mum of two.

Welcome to the world Tade (this was me few minutes after I gave birth)

2. Let's talk about midnight feeds - this was the most difficult adjustment for me. Our first week at home was very stressful for me. I constantly woke up with headache every single day. To be honest, that was one of my biggest challenges. After 100 days, I have to say that I am now used to the routine (btw, it's 4:08am right now & my son just had his early morning feed while i'm blogging at the same time, yes to multitasking) Everything has sort of normalized or let me say i'm used to missing some hours of sleep daily but initially, that was a tough one for me.

This was the day we reunited as a family of four. Also the day Teni met Tade #SiblingsGoals

3. Being a mum to "two babies" isn't a walk in the park - to be honest, i'm so grateful and proud of my daughter. One of the things I was a lil' nervous about was loving two kids equally and managing two kids but my daughter has truly been a big sister and she deserves the crown (here is your crown "👑" Tenten if you ever come across this blogpost in the future😂🙈). The first month was a lil challenging for her. Sometimes she would say "carry me too" or just cry. We had to explain to her that she is a big sister now and one thing I must say that really helped us was preparing her ahead before the baby's arrival (we were constantly telling her about her baby brother & also read a couple of books to her even though she didn't understand a lot at that time). If I want to be honest, that really went a long way in our transition process. After 100 days, my girl has been killing her big sister roles, helping me with 1 or 2 things around the house like getting Tade's diapers and she is also very protective of her baby brother ("wahala for who no get big sister o". This is just a random Nigerian slang for my non-Nigerian readers). Thank you Teni, we love you😘

How my girl announced that she was going to be a big sister to my friends (Summer '20)

4. Planning my day ahead has been a life saver - i'm a #TeamPlanAheadAllDayEvveryday. I actually have a post here about time management tips for new mums. Initially this was difficult considering that I had to transition from being a mum of one to two but hey after 100 days, I must say that we are good now. Fingers crossed that things get better as each day passes. 

Direct link to that article is here

5. Finally, my husband continues to win the best husband & best dad award🏆 - to be honest, I can't take all the credit for all these things. I'm not a supermom (well, some days I am😜). My husband has constantly stood by me and supported me. Talk about taking the full control of our daughter, talk about babysitting Tade, talk about taking over the house chores when need be or cooking for me. Not forgetting several days he had to take care of Teni & Tade together at the same while I get some mummy "me-time". I could go on and on. I don't always feel completely stressed out, burnt out or overwhelmed (well I do sometimes, but hey that is where imperfection comes in, it can never be perfect. Just know that). He has also been working from home since the beginning of COVID-19 outbreak so let me just say that I have been lucky to always have him around which is definitely a plus. I am truly blessed to have him in my life and I won't have it in any other way. Love you baey♥️

One of my best pictures of the three of them. My son was only 2 weeks old here

I had so much fun putting this together that I didn't even realize that I had completed my 5 points. "Anyhoo", this would have been my honest response to the question, "hey Wemimo, how has the first 100 days been for you?" That is that about me, let's talk about my sonshine aka our lil champ. Just like I did for my baby girl, Teni here, I will be telling you the few things (5 actually) that my lil' champ has learnt within his first 100 days & of course his milestones aswell. 

*In Tade's voice now*

- I have learnt to cope with my big sister especially during the weekends😂  ("Again, wahala for who get big sister o")

- I have learnt how to put my hands in my mouth.

- I have mastered the act of saying no by using my hands and legs to push things away.

- I have tried to explain to my mum several times that i'm not really into all these picture taking that she likes doing but she won't listen so I have mastered how to cry every time she puts her camera in my face (sorry mummy😜)

- Finally, I have also learnt (just like my sister here) that once I cry either mummy or daddy will come to my rescue and I play tricks on them sometimes😜

Let's talk about Milestones

Shared a short clip of our 3 months journey here

- I am now 3 months old #Yaay*👶

- I can now raise and turn my head from left to right during my tummy time

- I make a lot of coos & babbles now

- I make eye contacts with my Mama, Dada and big sister now

- Finally, I cry differently for different needs (e.g hungry vs sleepy)

So blessed, grateful, thankful and happy to have my lil' champ in our life. We can't wait to celebrate more milestones with him and enjoy this ride together. If you have been patient enough to read to the end of my blogpost, I love you so much. Thank you for reading and sticking to this space. That will be all from me today. Until next time...💋