5 Practical Time Management Tips for New Mums

Hi New Mums,
This post is for you. I know how difficult it can be as a new mum to plan your life, and get everything right as you were used to. Being a new mum can stress a lot of women if they don't plan ahead of time. Today, I will be sharing 5 practical tips that can help you slay your mummy duties and be more organized. Let's dive right into it

1) Have a schedule and write things down - This is very KEY and will help you a lot (mommy brain is real). I write EVERYTHING down. As a new mum, there will be so many tasks laid in front of you daily (the struggle can be real sometimes). If you don't organize yourself well, you will just realize that at the end of the day, you won't even achieve anything and you might even forget to do the most important things BUT if you write things down, trust me, you will slay in this motherhood thing. I have tried it and I am still doing it till now. It has been a life saver for me. You also need to have a schedule of things. For example, know when you want to bathe your baby, know what you want to have for breakfast, know the days you want to do your laundry and lots more. Just have a rough sketch of how you envisage your day to be. This will save you a lot from rushing out or being disorganized. You don't have to write every step down but always jot down the most important things that you want to achieve in a day. There are two major apps that I have been using for a while now and they have helped me a lot. The first one is wunderlist. Wunderlist is EVERYTHING. I use it to plan for groceries, write my to-do list, even write my future plans. the good thing about this app is that you can share it with your loved ones say your husband or friends. Another good thing is that it allows you to tick off the things you have achieved. Finally, you can sync it with your laptop which I think is great aswell which means that if you are working and you remember something you want to do, you can quickly use the wunderlist on your laptop and BOOM you are good to go. The second app is Notes which is the default note app on my iPhone. I use this for jotting down and writing down the things I want to do within a short period of time. For example, I use note to plan the daily meals in my home. Generally, I believe that as a new mum, having a schedule and writing things down will go a long way in helping you slay your day-to-day activities without being too stressed.

Btw...Teni at 3 Months😍...How time flies
2)Wake up early - I am a morning person and I don't joke with my mornings. I can even pound yam in the morning (just kidding) but I am very active in the morning. As a new mum, inasmuch as you have less sleep at night, I would advice that you use your mornings wisely. As an example I wake up as early as 5am and I do ALL my chores before my baby wakes up. By the time she is awake, I am also ready to take her bathe, take my bathe and start the day. If you are able to wake up early. I can assure you that you can even eat breakfast before your baby wakes up. If you do all your chores early enough, you will also be able to nap with your baby when he/she takes his/her first nap. This worked for me in the first year of motherhood. I do not wake up early all the time but I do, most of the time and this has helped me to manage my day/time properly.

Those early mornings when Mummy's energy is on a 💯
3) Use your Weekend Wisely - When I had my baby, I was always looking forward to the weekend simply because my husband would be at home. As a new mum, you will definitely need help even if it's for the slightest things like changing diapers or playing with the baby. Basically, what I do is that, I shift my most demanding tasks to the weekend like laundry, groceries, making soups or cleaning the house because I know that I can always drop my baby with my hubs or even ask for his support for some of those tasks. This helped me a lot in planning for the week ahead.

Sneak peak of some yumminess I make in my kitchen😉 (Egg Muffins and Smoothies)
4) Plan Ahead - Plan everything I mean from what you are going to wear to when you are going to cook, etc. This is also related to having a schedule. If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. As a new mum, you need to be a good planner, I mean I plan EVERYTHING. While i'm sleeping, i'm planning what my baby is wearing the next day, i'm planning breakfast, lunch and dinner and i'm planning what and what I need to do for that day. Planning helps you to SLAY as a new mum. You don't have to beat yourself though, if you don't complete all your tasks for the day. When you plan ahead, there is a probability that you will achieve at least 50% of what you plan to do for that day. Everyday is definitely different as a new mum and you cannot always win because your baby also has a mind of his/her own and he/she can decide otherwise but always have a plan. This will keep you focused and less stressed.

5) Anytime your baby is sleeping try to do as much as you can if you can, otherwise just SLEEP. Finally, when your baby is sleeping, use that time wisely - A lot of people always advice to sleep when your baby is sleeping. This never worked for me. I usually catch up with social media when my baby is sleeping. If you can, try to complete some chores when your baby is sleeping. This will help you to focus on your baby when he/she wakes up. You can also use that time as your mummy-time (relax, take a drink and catch up on your favourite show). Otherwise if you feel that you cannot function well due to lack of sleep, then just use that time wisely and SLEEP. if you take a nap when your baby is sleeping, by the time you wake up, you will be ready and more energized to continue with your day.

What I do sometimes when my baby is asleep 😜
Generally, being a new mum can be overwhelming but my advice has always been and will always be, don't be too hard on yourself. Just have fun. Time runs by quickly and before you know it, your baby would become a toddler (the stage my baby is now) and then you blink again, they become teenagers (time runs by quickly). Just enjoy every moment/milestones. It's okay to complain and break down some days but ensure that you are happy 99% of the time. Remember that your baby doesn't need a perfect mom, he/she just needs a happy mum, so please stay happy. I hope these tips would help one/two mums out there to slay motherhood as much as I am trying hard to slay at it.

Look who is all grown and ready to take over the world😍..She grew right in my eyes

If you have been patient enough to read to this stage, we love you, thank you so much for stopping by in my mummy's little corner (*in Teni's voice*). Until next time...💋

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