My Second Pregnancy Tracker

Welcome back to my blog!!! Today, I will be sharing my "incomplete" pregnancy tracker with you guyz, yeah, you read that right. I'm still going to write about my delivery story but while you wait (fingers crossed that I will write about that soon🙈), enjoy this beautiful collage of my second pregnancy.

Y'all already know that I love writing stories but if you don't know, well now you know😜. Before I share my second pregnancy tracker (in pictures) with y'all, I'm going to share a lil story about why I decided to track my pregnancy "again", so let's dive right into it👇👇👇

Well, the first reason is because I tracked my first pregnancy, so a girl had to track the second one. "Durrh" *flips hair* I lied, I didn't have to but I did anyway🤷🏾‍♀️😜. Anyhoo, the major reason why I tracked my second pregnancy was because I had lost some weight after my first pregnancy (I was actually back to my pre-pregnancy weight) so, immediately your girl realized she was pregnant, the first thing she wanted to do was to recreate her first pregnancy tracker. Another reason why I did this, was because I wanted to compare two different baby bumps (mind you, I didn't know the gender of my baby when I started tracking my pregnancy). Well, let's just say that I did it (whoop, whoop💃) & I'm so proud of myself and the outcome even though I didn't complete it😢. I also need to mention that tracking this second pregnancy was tougher for me compared to my first one because my daughter didn't understand what I was doing and she was always a major distraction (she always wanted to cut the bump stickers and also wanted to be in my pictures😫). Another challenge I had was deciding on the outfit I wanted to use (you can check the reason why, in my first pregnancy tracker herebut amidst all the challenges and distractions, I made this happen and yes, I love all the pictures which is all that matters right?

Lest I forget, I'm so grateful for my husbandman aka husbae who took all these lovely pictures for me, trust me, it wasn't an easy task. Sometimes, we had to take 10-15 pictures before we get the right one (phew😢). Sometimes, it could be poor lightening, sometimes it could be me not feeling myself but he was always there to be both my photographer and cheerleader. So blessed to have him in my life❤️. Anyways, now that I have given you all the gists and background story to my second pregnancy tracker, it's time to enjoy the beautiful pictures because you deserve all these cuteness in your life (hahahahaha, I know I play too much😜)


Btw, I also did a side by side collage of my first pregnancy (2017) vs my second pregnancy (2020)👇

I hope you enjoyed reading this blogpost as much as I loved writing it. That will be all from me today. Remember to stay positive and smile. Until next time...💋