In my Element: 5 Random Facts About Me

Been a minute on my favourite space, yeah, I know. It's been a roller coaster of events for me from working from home, to being a teacher and a mum, to being sick, to moving houses and lots more. Thankfully, things are gradually falling back in place and i'm gradually getting my groove back.
Just decided to write about myself today. I already have a whole page dedicated to me on my blog, which I update regularly. If you haven't seen that before and curious to know more about the owner of this space, kindly check it out here. However, i'm going to be sharing some random facts that are not on my "about me" page and also something to share with the newbies. So let's get right into it

- I'm obsessed with my lil family - The first random fact about me will definitely be my  awesome cute family. All I live for is to make myself, my husband and my pretty little daughter happy. I definitely find joy, peace and comfort in making my family happy, spending quality time with them, creating and just doing random stuffs. I am not even perfect & sometimes, I fail in my duties as a wife and a mum but the beauty of waking up to these two people everyday and sharing life plans and goals together, gives me joy and that for sure keeps me going. 

My whole heart in a grid❤️

- I'm a very low bugdet girl - The second random fact about me will definitely be about my lifestyle. I'm a very, very low budget baby girl. I personally don't believe in spending too much on anything in life be it clothes, shoes, bag, hair, food, etc. That doesn't mean I don't spoil myself once in a while or buy expensive things but to be honest, I rarely do. I must have searched and searched around and be 100% convinced about an item before I go for it. Being married and also being a mum have made me to adjust this rule a couple of times especially in terms of making big decisions but one way or the other, I still find myself going back to that lifestyle in my own personal day to day living. This is something I have gotten used to over the years, I just believe nothing lasts forever. I don't also have anything against buying or receiving expensive gifts😝 (your girl will gladly receive all the gifts) but this is just me and you gotta love her for who she is, okay?

Does she look cheap or expensive to you? Either ways, she is a snack😍

- I'm a very private person - I love to write, I love to share but I also love to keep everything to myself. Does that even make sense? Well, it does to me. I basically just tell you what I feel comfortable about telling you only when i'm ready to. To be honest, I don't even have anything against sharing but trust is just a very big word for me & truly life happens. Personally, I prefer to go through it, end it & then share. I have been like this for years and I find comfort in being my own comforter, cheerleader and best friend. Again, being married changed a lot but guess what? My partner is almost the same or worseπŸ˜‚To be honest, we have gone a long way together by growing and walking together and just sharing what we can/when we want to. People can only hurt you, break you or stab your back IF you allow it. Again, I don't have anything against sharing or being out there but we are all different and this is just me. Praise the LordπŸ˜‚(okay, that was not funny)

- I love positive vibes - Oh how I love positive vibes.  I bet if I ask my good ol' friends to say one thing they will always remember me for, they will say "Wemimo doesn't take anything serious". Yeap that is me. I don't even like to party nor have anything interesting happening in my life BUT I ALWAYS want to be surrounded by positivity at every point in time. I'm not a fan of people that gossip, I don't roll with people that complain ALL the freaking time nor do I like people that ALWAYS argue or counter every damn thing you say. Trust me, I have friends that are like that but I just find a way to put them in their place. Again, life and adulting is already hard,  I aint gonna add negative vibes to that please πŸ˜ (yeap, I said what I said) 

- The last random fact about me is that I love DIYs - Maybe this will explain why i'm a low budget girl (just saying) but you know how you just think randomly about things in your head, put that in place and then see everything coming together nicely #OhBliss. I love to create my own things in my own way. It doesn't always make sense or come out nice (let's be honest here) but I learn a lot from my mistakes and boom get better too. So you will see me trying random recipes, trying a different style of clothe, decorating, learning to make my own hair and my daughter's hair, sewing my own clothes. All these and many more are things i've been learning and doing myself of course with the help of Youtube, Instagram and my fav Pinterest. I'm far from being perfect but i'm way better than before (ooin😝, i'm doing well, okay we need to stop here)

My Daughter was born with no hair and "us" getting to this point is #PureBliss

Anyway, as you can see, I absolutely enjoyed putting this short piece together. If I don't write about myself, who will🀷🏾‍♀️ (just saying😝). I love myself so much but not as much as I love my nameπŸ˜‚, You may have seen this on my about me page before but if you haven't, the bonus random fact about me is that I love my name "Wemimo"  (yeap, I had to make that bold because it's my godamn name) and I love it when people call me by my name. My nieces and nephew have shortened it to Aunty Wems, but either ways it's Wems or Wemimo

That will be all from me today. I hope you know me better now and also love me more than you do before😝. Either ways, I will like to see you here again simply because I have some interesting and juicy gists coming up. Until next time...πŸ’‹