Covid -19 Chronicles: What about the positive moments?

Hello dear, how are you feeling today? It's Monday morning over here and i'm feeling so blessed, happy and grateful to witness another week in good health.

Believe it on not, it's been almost 3 weeks of working from home. It's been my longest time of staying indoor and I know it's the same for a lot of people aswell. Initially it was overwhelming but I guess the body just has a way of adapting to whatever situation you put it in. Unfortunately, this particular one left us with no choice, so the body, the soul, the spirit and more had to get used to it 😢

Today, i'm here to share the positives out of the numerous negatives & scary news out there. I mean by now y'all should already know (and if you don't, now you know) that i'm all about #Positivity & #PositiveVibes. Being positive of course doesn't mean you wont have your moments or be down sometimes. We all have feelings (i mean, we are all humans) and sometimes life can really, really be overwhelming so again don't beat yourself up when you don't feel like it hunnay.

That being said,  I will be telling you my top 5 positive moments since we have been home. It's not been all juicy and rosy to be honest but we have shared some sweet memories that I have been loving so far.

1. We have had cooking dates - So my dearest husband cooks very good meals, which I wrote about here. In our first year of marriage, let me just say I was a bit intimidated at how good he was. I never hesperredit (unexpected). Over the years, I started killing it and beat him to it of course😜. One of the things I love doing is creating meals that we have never tried before (ladies, this trick worked for me especially if your spouse is open minded with food). With time, we started sharing pictures in our dms of new things to try and it's been nice so far. So, during this #StayHome period, we have had (not a lot though) some cooking dates together. This for me is one of the best ways to bond as a couple. Basically we just cook together, gist while at it & of course have a good laugh. That for me, makes my entire day. We use to do this a lot in Sweden but since we moved to Canada, hmmm. Let me just say the struggle has been damn real. So I definitely cherish these cooking dates and hopefully we can have more depending on how long this #StayHomeIsh will last for (hopefully, this doesn't last long though).

Let's just call this Zaddy's special Aubergine sauce with Orisirisi😍 (assorted meat)
2. My daughter has become more expressive and the bonding time we have had together is something I wont forget and cherish for a very long time - OMG, my Teni darling has been talking a lot this time. I never hesperredit (unexpected) this aswell. Her sentences have become longer, I've been shooked (shocked) to say the least. What about the bonding time? I say this all the time, we only have few years to spend with these kids, once they are off to college, we cannot be 100% involved as we are now. So whatever time I can spend with her now, I don't even joke with it. It's not been perfect, to be honest, she is only two & definitely has her moments. She throws tantrums sometimes, she doesn't eat plantain (I mean who doesn't like plantain, Teni c'mon) & generally picky with food. However, through it all, I will say we have shared beautiful moments together and I will always remember this time for good😍

Look who is sitting pretty like her Mum with her dolls😍
3. I have watched movies, tv shows and even finished some outstanding TV series (patting myself on the shoulders please) - I'm not even a movie person to say the least. I mean, I always sleep in the Cinemas (covers face😝). I started watching series when I was pregnant in 2016/2017. Don't get me wrong, I do watch TV (20 mins shows and below) but anything short please. I actually watch a lot of Nigerian movies on YouTube (yoruba movies to be precise) whenever i'm cooking since they don't require a lot of concentration. I just use them to keep my company while I get the job done. However since the #StayHome, ladies and "ladies-men", I have been keeping up with movies, tv-shows, series and others. I'm not there yet oo (let me not brag too much, hahahahaha) but I am so proud of myself for the little i've done. Today's watch will be Miracle in cell no 7, I've heard & seen a lot about it already. I also saw a couple of Instagram & Whatsapp status(es) of peeps saying they cried and recommended it aswell. So, we will be watching this today for sure. I hope I feel the same way afterwards🤞🏾

Took a poll on my IG status for few hours and got this, Definitely mixed feelings but I'll still watch it😁

4. Oh what about spending quality time with my dearest husband and having him sleep early as he would normally not do - Marry your best friend they said, it will be a jolly ride, they said...hahahhahaha (by now, you guyz should be used to my maybe (not) dry jokes). Welcome to the Ibidz home, where Mummy sleeps early and Daddy sleeps very late. Initially, I was the "let's all go to bed at the same time person", he was the "let's stay late to bond and watch movies". It didnt werk (work) peeps, I can't sleep late i'm sorry😆, I tried it but nay, nay, nay, not for me please. That aside, because we are both working and my husband comes back home around 6pm on the average. Most times during the week, we barely have all the time to gist or spend time together other than our dinner time. However my pipu (peeps), during this compulsory #StayHome, we have had breakfasts together, watched movies together, I mean we have been stuck with each other😁. This can never happen for 3 weeks straight in a normal setting. He has also been going to bed with us (maybe not every night) but I definitely cherish all these tiny sweet moments😋

5. Not having to worry too much about what to wear or lack of clothes - Finally, the freedom of dressing down. First of all ladies, no, no, nay. Don't dress like you are in the stone age when you are home😆. You can be extra and do your eyelashes, makeup,etc (if you want). That's your choice to make but i'm definitely an advocate of dressing well. I mean if I'm gonna look good to work, outings and church, then I have to also dress well at home. You will mostly find me in jumpsuit, bum short & gowns inside. I mean anything for my freedom but please don't look "shabby"😥. That being said, the freedom to dress down has been good. No jeans, no make ups, no stress of thinking of what shoe or jacket to match the cold weather. It's just  different & i'm loving that part please😜

Serving you my good morning Monday face😍
Overall, it's been a roller coaster to be honest. I'm not here to say it's been fun, fun fun or I don't have my moments. That would be a big fat lie, if I said that, so no, i'm not saying that😜. It's a difficult time for everyone to be honest. Some peeps have lost their jobs & loved ones. We can only be hopeful & prayerful at this time. 

That will be all from me today peeps. I hope you can share the positive moments with your loved ones aswell as I have with mine. Btw, I've been loving all the tiktoks I've been seeing around, I should also try it one of these days with the fam, if they will cooperate😜 Anyhoo, until next time...💋