Thanksgiving 2019 Note: What am I thankful for?

It's thanksgiving day here in CanadaπŸ₯³ (whoop whoopπŸ’ƒ) .

Quick background: Canadian thanksgiving is an annual Canadian holiday, that occurs on the second Monday in October, which celebrates the harvest and other blessings of the past year.  Thanksgiving has been officially celebrated as an annual holiday in Canada since November 6, 1879 (Excerpt from Wikipedia)

The harvest and other blessings of the past year got me thinking. The harvest? well from my understanding, you harvest after planting, yeah? and blessings can be interpreted as a special favour. How amazing is that!!!

There are so many things to be thankful for. A day is not even enough to pen down what my heart is thankful for but on this special day and looking back at all I have planted, I am here to share my top 5 blessings with y'all and i'm also grateful to be a part of #2019CanadaThanksgivng

What then am I thankful for?

1. I am forever thankful for my Daughter (Omoteniola Grace). My friends think i'm a lil obsessed with this one. Hell yeah, I actually gave birth to a whole human being and I am forever grateful for the blessing of motherhood. In relation to being a blessing and harvest of the past year. My daughter has grown so well this passing year, she communicates & talks to us "A LOT" (expect 5 fun facts about my 2 year old soon). How else can I explain this blessing than to say "I'm truly blessed and highly favoured".

That smile melts my heart😍
2. I am thankful for my darling husband. Yes I am a lover girl and never tired to say how much I love my husband😍. My husband actually doubles as my best friend, my role model, my mentor and also my lover. Need I say more? No, I think that's okay for nowπŸ˜›. You think i'm obsessed with my daughter, well i'm double-obsessed with this one (if that word exists. If it doesn't, congratulations, you just learnt a new word on my blog..buhahaπŸ˜‚)

Hey Beau😍
3. I am thankful for failures and challenges. Hell yeah. Challenges are part of life and we cannot escape them. Afterall, that is what makes us better and stronger in life. Recently one of my friends told me she feels I am ALWAYS happy. Yes, I am ALWAYS happy to be honest and you can rarely see me in my lowest point BUT I do have my regrets, I do have my failures and this year hasn't been an exemption. Some of "our" plans didn't work out as expected. There were some decisions that we  went back & forth on and they never happened. There were some not so happy days but c'mon, I am still super thankful for all of them. This is my life & my story and I will always embrace my challenges. If I don't embrace them, who will🀷‍♀️

Image from here
4. I am also thankful for growth. Looking back at thanksgiving last year in comparison with this year, I am definitely not the same person. There has been an all round growth for me financially, emotionally, psychologically, health-wise and even academically. Times have passed, I have grown a lot with the way I handle my daily life, balancing my job, my home, career progression, taking several online courses plus exams and brainstorming on general life matters. Not forgetting meeting new friends and building a new community here in Canada. It's been an amazing passing year to be honest.

Hey Mama Bear😍
5. Finally I am thankful for PEACE that passeth all understanding. I posted recently on my twitter page that I have been in my best mood this year. This was a personal decision that I made. You will mostly see me laughing at memes online and just generally having fun with people around me. Forgiveness has been the order of the day for me, and just generally minding my business while not forgetting to put coconut oil on my face before I sleep (try this and thank me later, ahahaha, I know I play too muchπŸ™ˆ). Yeah, but jokes apart, this has been my top secret for 2019 and I love how my year turned out.

Like I said, one day isn't enough to write about this, but today we still celebrate. Yesterday, I had a good time catching up with my sister and her family. Yet another time for Teni to bond with her darling cousins. My menu was pretty much simple. I made steamed white rice mixed with veggies, smoked turkey in tomato sauce, fried beef, stir-fry chicken sauce and moinmoin (more like a beans pudding but I baked it in the oven). The smoked turkey was the highlight of the menu for me❤️. We also had watermelon, chinchin and ice cream for dessert. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the food (very unlike me right? i'm stillπŸ’”but that's fine). Anyways, it was definitely a good family time for me & yes, lest I forget, we all watched a movie together titled "king of boys" (a 3 hour-long Nigerian movie. That was a really long movie and definitely not my best) while the girls had fun playing with each other.

Cousin Love😍
Yeah, that is it from me today. Looking forward to wrapping up the end of the year in style. I hope you share a part of being thankful today wherever you are. Being alive & healthy alone is worth celebrating. Cheers to another thanksgiving and hope to see you again. Btw, Teni brought this painting home on Friday, apparently, they were trying to make a Turkey. I didn't really understand the concept until I saw a similar one from a friend. Nevertheless, she still shared her turkey with me and i'm sharing it with y'all. Bye.....πŸ’‹

Enjoy the TurkeyπŸ˜‚