Our First Canada Day (July 2019)

Look who made it to their first Canada day💃. Me and my family of course. As y'all already know (and if you don't know, now you know) that I am a big fan of celebrating milestones, no matter how little. Although we have been in Canada for over a year, we couldn't make it to our first Canada day in July 2018. This was because it was shortly after we arrived here and we were still trying to settle in. However, I planned with my husband and we decided to join in the celebration this year.

What is Canada day btw? Canada day is a yearly celebration in Canada. It is observed on July 1st, and a national holiday marking the anniversary of Confederation in 1867, when the British North America Act came into effect. It was originally known as Dominion Day until it was renamed in 1982 (excerpt from: The Canadian Encyclopedia).

I had to come fully kitted for the Day😜
Here in Calgary, there were a lot of activities and events (family/kid friendly) lined up for the day. I did a little research and decided to pick the one that I know that Teni will enjoy the most and have fun of course. All I did, was to go to the City of Calgary website and read about all the events organized for the day. After going back and forth, our pick was Eau Claire (a park downtown which is located along the Bow River and across the bridge from Prince's Island Park. It contains a market, wading pool/spray park, restaurants and playground). This park had a lot of family-friendly events lined up for the day which was hosted by the Calgary multicultural arts society. Some of the activities were face painting, live entertainment, petting zoo, free ice cream, artisan market and much more. The park wasn't also far from Prince Island's park, so we decided that we would have a mini family picnic at the Prince Island Park after enjoying the day's event. I must say, this was actually a good choice.

We started off our day quite early by packing a mini picnic bag with cold drinks and snacks. I also packed few snacks for Teni. The event was meant to start at 11am so we left the house around 10.15am (remember I said we live close to the bus/train station here). We had like a 9 minutes walk from the 1st street train station where we dropped. We also met a lot of people on the way heading to the same venue. The weather was really sunny and nice, trust your baby girl to take a lot of pictures😜. I also had the opportunity to show my family where my office is located (Fun fact: my office is just a few minutes walk to prince island's park) . We finally got to the venue around 11am and our day began.

Look who took a picture in front of her office💃
First off, I need to let y'all know that Teni is now a strong and independent girl (hahahhaha). This toddler life is an interesting one. She can't be forced to take pictures and all she wants to do is run around. So we had to take turns taking her around.

Lil Miss Independent😍
We were able to enjoy the live band for few minutes and then took a walk around the market. We visited the petting zoo and Teni was able to feed the goats and the pigs. We also got free face paintings and finally grabbed some snacks. There were a lot of people around just generally having fun with their friends and families. After a long walk and chasing Teni around, we decided to go to prince island's park. We had to walk on a very long bridge to cross over to the park (there was a long queue btw). After the long walk, we got a very cool spot to eat, drink and relax.

Petting Zoo featuring Teni & Mummy and Mr Goat

Me showing off my face paint
This is 'Us'. We took a quick selfie while we were taking the long walk on the bridge
Mini picnic at Prince Island's Park
It wasn't a bad day afterall. Even though, there were some events I wish I could have gone for. e.g the max bell centre block party and the fireworks at 11pm but #BeingMom didn't let me attend them. However, I am still happy I was able to enjoy the day with my lil family and of course Teni, which is my number 1 priority had a lot of fun, which definitely made my day.

We really don't need to ask Teni if she had fun or not. Obviously she did had a LOT of fun🤣
I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as we enjoyed our first Canada day here in Calgary. Thank you as always for stopping by. I hope to see you again...💋