My Life as a Stay-At-Home Mom vs Working Mom

Hi people, how are you doing? Adulting has taken the best part of me and it has been so difficult to keep up with so many things at the same time but we gotta do, what we gotta do. I can't even believe February is ending in few days, it's been a fast year for me btw. Anywayz, let's dive into today's gist.

Y'all already know by now that I recently transitioned from babysitting my baby/being a Mummy-Student Mama to being a Working Mama (If you haven't read/heard the gist yet, you can quickly catch up here). I must say this new life that I just embraced is not for the weak minds. My life has completely changed and things are not as straightforward as before. Let me just go ahead and share few things that have changed in my life, since I started working and how I have been coping generally.  As usual, I will be sharing  the top five things that have changed for me and also do a short comparison between then vs now.

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1. Time! Time!! and Time!!! (asin, I am screaming this point out, so that the people at the back can hear me πŸ˜œ): I mean I don't have time to do anything extra. I also have limited time to spend with my Tenten πŸ˜• during the week. Before I transitioned into a working mum, I had ALL the time in the world to plan things in my own way and generally just do things the way I want. It's funny how I use to complain then about being so busy. Let me just say that, things are not the same any longer and I wasn't so busy then as compared to now. Every minute/second counts now. It's not that bad though (maybe I exaggerated a little😝) but in comparison to my former life, it is TOTALLY different.

2. Planning! Planning & Planning: I have always been a top notch planner (let me brag small). I always boast of being a good planner. However, if there is anything above top notch planner, I think  I am on that level right now. I plan almost everything now, even to the most useless stuff like throwing the bin out. This is the only way I can be sane and not stress myself out. Before I transitioned into a working mom, I use to plan aswell (plan, plan people, lol). I wrote a post about that here. Trust me, it has always worked for me and it is still working for me. At the moment, I have upgraded my planning to fit my new schedule in order to make life easier for me and my family.

3. Shorter Rest/Sleep time: Let's not even go there. My alarm has been my new best friend. I am an 100% morning person and I know it (lol). I don't joke with my mornings (get more gist about that here). In order not to be late and be on time, I have to always wake up earlier than the norm. I don't have like a constant wake up time, it varies between 4am/5am, but I also make sure that I sleep very early, just to compensate for the early mornings. If you ever find me awake at 10pm at night, I might just have taken a nap during the day😝 but trust me that only happens on rare occasions/ or maybe weekends sha. I sleep by 9pm almost everyday (including weekends, okay I lied, I never sleep lateπŸ™ˆ) which I think isn't bad (or is it?😝). Prior to this time, I wake up say around 6am, stay on my bed to do some surfing on the internet/catching up with gists on social media plus doing both relevant/irrelevant stuffs. But right now, this mama bear aint got no time for any internet surfing, once i'm up, I gotta pack my lunch bag, dress up and head straight out.
4. Less time for my blogging: Unfortunately, I don't blog as I used due to points 1-3 above. Just so hard for me to keep up with everything at the same time. The only free time I usually get after work is 100% dedicated to mummy-daughter time. I don't joke with that everyday. I also relax from the day's work while catching up on social media, prepping dinner/the next day's lunch (it's just a roller coater of events going on after work). I really hope to find a better way around my blogging and be more organized but for now, I am just taking one day at a time and enjoying the flow of things. In reference to when I was a stay-at-home mom, no long story, I had all the time to blog even though I was busy with my masters and stuffs, I still had some extra time to blog and do my own thing.

Some of the activities we get to do after school/work😜 (don't judge us please)
5. Meeting People & Understanding life from different Perspectives: This is still the best part of my job. The number of people I have met within this short period is AMAZING. I mean, I meet/ talk to different people everyday. The kind of people I have met so far in my workplace are just totally different. Different culture, different people, different work experiences, different stories, etc. It is just a different world from what I was used to. That for me, has been awesome. The people and the friends I have met/made so far are the reasons why I wake up everyday to go to work. Nothing beats that so far for me. Well, I wouldn't say I didn't have this when I was a student but life as a student and as a worker is not the same. Talk about the experience, culture, work ethics, etc...I can go on and on. This for me is different and even though I am gradually adapting to the whole new life. I know for sure that I am not alone.

All in all, I will just say that, It's a different ball game between the two. I am not the one to say one is better than the other or fault anyone for their choices. I have tasted both and I see a wide difference between the two. At the end of it all, the most important thing is to be HAPPY with whatever choice you make while still being present for your LOs (little ones). That being said, for now, I am just enjoying my new transition and learning as much as I can. Everyday is not the same for sure. Being married with a baby, while trying to be relevant in the industry and chasing your career is definitely not for the weak minds. I salute all the women out there trying to be all whether as a stay at home or otherwise. We are definitely doing a great job πŸ‘πŸΎ & I am so proud of y'all. I hope to be better as each day passes and of course to continue to learn as much as I can, learning never stops.

In conclusion, I will like to say that, if you have been patient enough to read to this stage, you are the real MVP and I love you. Thank you for stopping by in my little corner and I hope to see you again. Until next time...πŸ’‹