My Top 5 Must-Have Items in a Diaper Bag

Hi yummy mummies/moms-to-be out there, this article is for you. After being a mom for over a year now, I think I can share my own version of must-haves in your diaper bag. There are a lot of items mummies put in their diaper bags from bibs to diapers to feeding bottles, and others but I am going to share my own top 5 that has been/still useful to me as I nurture my baby girl. Btw, that picture above👆was taken the day we were discharged from the hospital after having my baby😍 #HowTimeFlies. Anyway, without further ado, let's talk about the koko (main topic) of the day👇👇👇

1. Wipes - Never ever step out of your house without wipes. Wipes are so useful, it can double as tissues, bibs and lots more. I use wipes A LOT. It is so useful for you and your baby especially in emergency situations. It has saved me from a lot of embarrassments. So for all my yummy mummies out there, never ever step out without your wipes.

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2. Diapers - Diapers are also useful especially when you have a newborn. Babies tend to be restless and uncomfortable when their diapers are wet or messy. I would advice to take a minimum of three diapers per outing but this also depends on how long you will be out and where you are heading to. From my experience, I always have 3 extra diapers in my bag and it has been good enough for me so far.

3. Baby Food - Don't ever step out of your house without your baby food. If you are nursing, you can express some milk in a bottle incase of emergencies. When your baby becomes a toddler like mine, ALWAYS have a snack in your diaper bag from biscuit to cookies to yoghurt. Just have munchies in your bag. Toddlers are generally restless😓 so having a snack or even fruit in your bag all the time can keep them still/busy for a while (yes, I said a while😂). It's a temporary life saver but trust me, you need it all the time. 

4. Blanket - Mummies, ALWAYS have a blanket in your diaper bag. Blankets are live-savers. For those of us living in 'the abroad', you don't need to be schooled to know that you cannot step out without your blanket because of the unpredictable weather. However, even if you don't live in 'the abroad', let me just tell you now that blankets are a must. They can be used as a changing pad, nursing cover, bib and even burp clothe. If you don't like a clumsy diaper bag like me, that's fine, I gat you. Just make sure that you have your blanket ready all the time.
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5. Extra Clothes - This is a MUST. Always have an extra onesie in your bag incase of emergency. You might not use this all the time you step out but if you fail to plan ahead, hmmm the outcome might be disastrous. Poop explosions, spit-ups, drool and spills are real. But if you plan ahead, you won't even panic when you have emergencies. The reason why I prefer a onesie over 2 sets outfit as changing clothe is because when you are outside, you just want to get things done quickly. The struggle to start wearing pants, tops, skirts and others can be real. Why not just get your baby a cute onesie. Makes life easier for you and your LO (little one)

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Generally, I love a neat and less clumsy diaper bag. When it is too busy, you find yourself always looking for one item or the other. Why not keep things simple and easy for yourself. It's a diaper bag Mamas not a mini wardrobe😂🙈. I understand that as a new mum, you can be nervous when going out and tend to over pack but trust me, you wont even use half of what you pack if you over pack. My advice is always think about the occasion/event you are going for and pack accordingly. For example, the items I will pack when I am going for a wedding is different from the items I will pack when I am going to a mall or taking an evening walk. Don't over pack and don't under pack. Just pack😂 if that makes sense🙈. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this short article as much as I loved writing it. Until next time...💋