While You Wait...🤔

This post is for anyone going through a waiting period in their life. I don't think there is anyone who hasn't experienced a waiting period. We are all always waiting for something at every phase of our lives. This phase is quite challenging and varies for everyone. For some people, it could take a few days while for some it could take years. I have also experienced several waiting periods in my life which were so heartbreaking, challenging and sometimes all you think about is giving up BUT I am here to tell you that giving up is not an option plus I will be sharing 5 practical tips that has helped me in the past and still helping me to be sane during the waiting periods of my life.

1. Keep your mind busy :- This is my favourite plus number one tip of course because this has helped me a lot to go through any waiting season successfully. When the mind is busy, you have less time to think/worry about your challenges. Some practical ways to keep your mind busy are shopping, going to parties, going for meetups, writing, listening to music, singing, vlogging, church programs even cooking. Just find that thing that you love doing with ease. That thing that gives you joy. Although, this might just be a temporary way to forget your challenges but trust me when you keep your mind, body and soul busy, you will only have a limited time in the day to think about your worries and most times, you might even be tired from the task that you have given to yourself that you will just sleep off afterwards and BOOM that day is gone.

This is me listening to one of my favourite songs #MindSoBusy
2. Surround yourself with people who are in similar situations or have been in that situation :- There is a popular adage that says ' A problem shared is half solved'. A lot of times when you have a friend that is in the same situation as you are, you feel closer to that person because that person will definitely understand your pains and you two can encourage each other. This has helped me a lot in life. This will also make you understand that you are not alone in whatever situation that you find yourself.

3. Cry if you have to but not for so long :- Crying has always been a good therapy for me. Even as a Mum, I still find myself crying sometimes. Of course, not as much as I used to when I was single and younger but attimes when life seems overwhelming, I still shed one or two tears. When you cry, you let out your pains and you feel better afterwards. Of course people normally say crying doesn't solve your problem but I can assure you that when you let out your worries in tears, you will feel better afterwards. Its either you take a nap afterwards😛 #ThatICannotGoan&KillMyselfMood or you just pat yourself on the shoulder and say 'It is well'. However, I do not recommend crying for days or for so long but in some situations, if you have to cry, please do.

4. Reflections :- A lot of times, we always feel like we are the worst, we haven't achieved anything in life, people are doing better than us, we are slow and lots more but if you just calm down for a moment and look back on where you are coming from as compared to where you are at the moment, you will understand that there are billions of reasons why you should be thankful. Life could be harder, things could be worse but my dear you have come a long way. Yes, the waiting period can be challenging but trust me you are in that situation for a reason. If you just take a few steps backwards and do a reflection check, I am sure you know that you are not the same person as you used to be no matter how small #BabySteps. So, just pat yourself on the shoulders and say 'I am not doing bad after all'.

5. Prayer works like magic :- This might sound like a cliché BUT it has worked for me several times and still working for me. Although I mentioned earlier that you should surround yourself with people that are in similar situations as you are BUT have you also thought about the God factor/adopting God as a best friend? He understands, he feels your pains, he hasn't forgotten you yet. He just wants you to keep being strong, hopeful and also keeping your faith alive. This is just a phase and it will surely pass. Talk to him, lock yourself up in a room if you have to. Open your heart and soul to him. This is also a therapy because it's more or less like letting out all your worries and concerns to an invisible best friend. You should definitely feel better afterwards.

Overall, the waiting period is always challenging. Imagine trying to conceive for 10 years and nothing is forthcoming or even waiting for that dream job of yours for so long, or waiting for a spouse and everything seems not to be working. Well, this is life and everything can't always fall on your laps BUT keeping your heads straight up, having the right set of people around you and trusting God will help you to go through that phase successfully. I hope you love this piece as much as I do and I also hope that you do not give up no matter what life throws at you. Until next time...💋