Teni's Smiley Themed 1st Birthday Party

It's no news that my sweet baby girl clocked the big one on the 25th of July, 2018. I wrote a post about it here, you can check it out if you haven't seen that yet. However we decided to celebrate her birthday in a memorable and simple way. One thing about me is that I love themes a lot so it wasn't a big deal for me to pick a theme for her birthday. Initially I planned to do Dave and Ava theme which is one of her favourite cartoons but it was difficult for me to get all I needed in that theme. As usual, I did my research on Pinterest and I got a number of ideas. One of it was a smiley themed party. Although smiley themed party seemed to be for the older kids like from Age 5 and above but I decided to use that theme because I fell in love with it😜#WhenMummyIsInCharge plus I knew that there would be adults and older kids around so I wasn't really bothered about if it fits or not, I just wanted something beautiful and simple. I set out to look for few things that I would need to achieve this themed party and BOOM🤘 we made it happen💃🏾

It wasn't a big party like I said earlier our aim was to make the day memorable for her (especially in pictures since that is the only thing she will see in the future). So, it was more of a get together/catching up with few friends & families. I made sure that she took some pictures before the guests arrived, during and after the party. Here are few pictures from my baby girl's smiley themed party. Enjoy!!! Note: I am sharing only personal family pictures because I am not sure if our guests will be comfortable with sharing their pictures or their children's pictures online so enjoy what you see 😝

Nigerian Jollof forever Repping😉

RSVP - Who remembers 'Rice and Stew Very Plenty😂'

Mummy-Daughter #SlayTime 
Say Hello to the Parents of the Celebrants
Look who is fascinated by her cake
Mama Bear #HappyWife #HappyMum #SatisfiedMe
Quick Outfit Change. At this point Teni was tired
Overall, it was a simple and lovely party. I am glad we were able to celebrate her birthday even though the planning was short. You only clock one once so slay it for your little ones in whichever way you can. I hope you loved the pictures as much as I love them. Until next time...💋

Izza Ibids Squad😍 #FamBam❤️