5 Creative Ways to Document Your Life.

Blogging has become so popular these days and don't be surprised when you see that everything you have ever thought of doing has been done by someone, somewhere. So why be a blogger again😥?

I see blogging as an online diary (my opinion) where you can express yourself and keep for as long as you wish to. For me, my two biggest reasons for starting a blog was:

  • I wanted a platform to express myself and keep as long as I can, come back to it years later, read what I have written, laugh over it and move on. For as long as I can remember, I have always had a diary since I was in primary school simply because I am a secretive person to an extent and there were just some things that happened to me that I wouldn't want to share with anybody except my diary. So I learnt to write things down, keep it till I got tired of it and then throw it away. I love diaries and letters a lot till date, I still have my diary except that its on my phone now as technology has upgraded me😁

  • Although not everything about yourself can be shared or exposed to the public but I believe that some events/experiences have happened to us in life and these experiences are actually stories that we can share or tell the world so they can learn from us. 

Being a lifestyle blogger can never be too much especially when you know your goals and what you want from it. As a matter of fact, my story can never be the same as my sister or best friend's own so even if you have the same blog as your best friend with the same title, the contents should under normal circumstances be different from each other. 

Lately, I have been reminiscing about my life and the many events that have occurred especially in my university days but unfortunately, I couldn't document most of them as I would have loved to either because I was too lazy or let's just say other things were important to me then😝.

But then, I believe there are several ways in which one can document his/her life, you really don't need a blog if you don't want to, trust me having a blog has it pros and cons. There are many other ways you can document the events in your life as they unfold, here are my top 5👍

  • Taking Pictures: I see pictures as a diary. Sometimes when I see some of my childhood pictures, they bring a lot of memories that keeps me smiling and amazed about how so many things have changed over the years. When you take a picture either with a camera or you have an album of pictures, this is a way to keep memories alive and remember so many events that have occurred in your life. Technology has made things easier now, with facebook, instagram and other social media platforms, you can share your pictures and of course, you can always go back to those pictures anytime.

  • Using Pinterest Boards: Having a pinterest board is another interesting platform where you can document just anything you would love to see again or refer to in the future. The good part of pinterest is that you can always decide on what you want to put, save other boards that you like, and even create secret boards😝if you don't want people to see what you have in there. It also allows you to express yourself without the fear of being judged as compared to a public social media platform. I remember I was really sad in November, 2015 because I lost an album. I was really down because I love to keep memories but unfortunately that happened. If I had documented some of those pictures on my blog or pinned it to my pinterest board, probably I won't be as pained and sad as I was then.  

  • Having a Paper Journal: This is one of my favourites. I have always had a journal, I love to document events. The good, bad and the ugly, there is nothing as good as having a cup of tea and reading your journal. Trust me, you will be amazed at how much you have grown over the years, the little things that have happened and also the various events you have witnessed. I always love to have a journal every year just to keep those memories alive.

  • Having a diary app on your mobile phone/tablet: This is a very convenient way to document your life but remember to always backup everything you put on your mobile phone or tablet because it might not be 100% secure (virus, phone loss, etc). I prefer to use a mobile diary now over the yearly journal because it is easier, handy and of course convenient. I decided to switch from the conventional diary to a mobile diary few years back and it's been awesome.

  • Making Voicenotes, Videos or Vlogging: Yes, this is also very lovely. Many people don't enjoy doing videos and voicenotes because most people feel it is time consuming and most of the time, you need a proper place to make videos or voicenotes, which I totally agree with.Sometimes, it could even be low battery or lack of enough space on your gadget. All these are the little drawbacks that comes with it but c'mon everything in life has both advantages and disadvantages so if you really love voices or live events, why not do a video, post it on Youtube, it is always beautiful when you watch the playback😍. Personally, I don't also use this all the time but the ones I have done, I made sure I kept them on my Google Drive. Some boring days, I just play them and laugh😆.

Do you love to document your life? What ways/methods do you use to document your life? or are you the live life as it comes person?💭 

Until next time...💋

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