My Best Part of Spring in Sweden

Spring has always been my most exciting moment as a Newbie. This is because it is a refreshing time especially because of the weather. There are so many beautiful things to love about spring but these are the top 5 things, I always look forward to every year.

1. Blooming Flowers: Spring comes with a lot of beauty. This is the time when the flowers start to bloom again and the trees also start to grow back their branches. It is always beautiful to experience the transition from the all-white winter to a blooming green flowery spring.

2. Wearing Less Clothing: Of course, this is the best time to shove that winter jacket under the bed or just somewhere you don't want to remember again until November šŸ˜œ. This is actually one of my major reasons of looking forward to spring. At some point in the winter period, I get so tired and frustrated of the multiple clothes, socks, and jackets. You know that "I just want to be free feeling" but sadly winter will not allow that šŸ‘æ. Spring on the other hand, brings that feeling of excitement and freedom.

N.B: In Sweden, not all the days during the spring can be predictable. There can still be some surprises along the way but definitely not as bad as winter.

When your Bad Hair Day fits the Weather šŸ˜ (Spring 2015)
 3. Warm Sunshine and Cool Breeze: I love the fact that I can enjoy the warmth outside in the park. I can also have an evening walk, some outdoor barbecue with friends, and lots more. My worst part of the winter has always been the darkness but spring not only comes with warm sunshine but some scientific proofs have shown that "exposure to sunlight, increases the hormone serotonin in your brain, which makes you happy". Although, during the spring, daylight is longer which means a shorter night but I would still pick that over the winter darkness.

4. Chirping Birds: I wasn't used to missing birds until I came to Sweden and I discovered that the birds move away during the winter. The comeback means a lot to me and there is no better indicator of spring than the birds chirping outside your window.

 5. End of Year: This is probably peculiar to people studying either in college, university or even kindergartenšŸ˜. Spring is that time of the year that reminds me that the school year is coming to an end. I can start planning ahead to take a long summer break to spend quality time with my family and friends.

As a newbie, these little things have brought smiles to my face over the years that I have been in Sweden and I have also learnt to become more appreciative of little things such as birds, flowers, sunshine and school breaks. I hope you enjoy the spring time as much as I have planned to enjoy mine.

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Until next time...šŸ’‹