My Baby Girl Rocks at 6!

Whohoo!!! A whole 6. My baby girl is growing so fast on me but I'm here for all the growth and more. Feels just like yesterday when she was born and here we are already celebrating her 6th birthday. 

Today's post is all about wishing my sweetest & beautiful Teni a happy birthday. This year's birthday was a different one for two major reasons. 

1. It was during her long summer break and she was out of summer camp that week
2. It was during the week but we both took the day off just to make the day fun and memorable for her

So, today on the blog, I will be documenting everything we got to, for my baby girl's 6th birthday.

First, I started out by decorating this wall for her with heart-shaped balloons and the number 6. I love the outcome so much and she loved it too

I also took a couple of pictures of her a day before her birthday with her 6-year-old t-shirt (I always love to take outdoor pictures for her) just because she is a summer baby & I'm also a 100% outdoor picture person. The pictures didn't exactly turn out the way I wanted this year but we got 1/2 that was just okay.

Next up was ordering an ice cream cake which she requested for, but I made the mistake of ordering from marble slab cream and the outcome was the worst ever. I was trying not to drive to DQ (which IMO has the best ice cream cake) but I learned from this experience to always order my ice cream cake from DQ  because there was literally no cake in the ice cream we got and the mix of flavours was a disaster. My daughter still loved the design, and just having a whole birthday cake to herself made her day.

Myself & le hubs had the day off as I mentioned earlier so we all had a birthday breakfast together and after that, we went to the cinema and watched the Barbie movie together

Later that day, lil' brother sang the best birthday song ever to her which I love so much, and that wrapped up & made our day perfect.

Oh, I forgot to mention that even though Teni's birthday was during her summer break. Her teacher was kind enough to celebrate her during the last few days of school with her classmates. We sang, ate, and took pictures together which I loved so much. Such a blessing to have amazing and thoughtful teachers. Bless her

Later that week, we flew out to finish the celebration in Vancouver and also celebrated our 9th Wedding anniversary together as a family.

Stanley Park, Vancouver (July 2023)

What a fun-filled day/week it was for all of us. Teni said she had the best birthday ever and I couldn't even agree less. Teni's heart is so beautiful and she deserves all the love and more. I love how she looks out for all of us. She is also the best big sister ever to her lil' brother. Love the bond that they share. We are so blessed to be called her parents and so grateful to be walking this journey of life together with her. 

I wish her many more beautiful years ahead & can't wait to keep celebrating her growth and more. Love you forever my baby girl, Teni