Celebrating Five Years in Canada

Today marks exactly 5 years since we moved from Sweden πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ to Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦woohoo πŸŽ‰I still remember when I celebrated our 1st-year #canniversary here, whoosh πŸ₯Ή. Well, time went by really fast & here I am again only a few years down the lane to celebrate our 5th-year #canniversary

I'm definitely one of the happiest people alive today. I spent some time reminiscing over our journey for the past 5 years and all I have to say is that I'm grateful and thankful for everything we have been able to achieve together as a team. Has it been all easy and smooth? Nopes, far from it but if I'm being asked to summarize my thoughts so far about our relocation journey in just a sentence, I would say "It has been one of the most beautiful and best decisions we have made as a couple". 

To celebrate this beautiful milestone, I will be sharing my top 5 highlights and memories that we have been able to create and celebrate together as a family during this 5-year journey. With no further ado, let's get right into it.  

1. Adding another baby into the mix to complete our family who has now blossomed into a handsome toddler. 

2. Becoming Canadian Citizens which I wrote about here

Our first family trip as Canadian citizens to the United Kingdom

3. Me, finally settling into a career & job that I absolutely love even after so many uncertainties. Thankful that my resilience and hard work paid off after all.

4. Celebrating several birthdays and lots of milestones such as my daughter's first birthday, our 5th wedding anniversary, my son's 1st birthday, my daughter's 5th birthday, my husband's 40th birthday, my daughter's graduation from kindergarten, and so much more. What an adventure it has been πŸŽ‰

5. Exploring different places and creating beautiful memories with #zeIbidzsquad (my family)

Calgary Zoo


Heritage Park

It has definitely been a journey and it's impossible to squeeze all the memories into a post but I'm glad I was able to highlight a few. 

Now that we have crossed the 5-year mark, I am definitely ready to step into the next phase. I cannot thank my husband enough for being a great friend and lover, plus my favourite person to be on this journey with. We have definitely shared a lot of beautiful memories together and I am so ready to explore and create even more beautiful memories in the coming years.

That being said, I will end my blog post today by saying "Happy 5th-year #canniversary to me-and-mine, and cheers to many more"πŸ₯‚...Thank you for stopping by & I will see you again at the next one..πŸ’‹