Level 4.0 Unlocked for my Dr Bae

My heart is filled with so much joy and happiness. Today's blog post is a very special one and definitely going to be one of my favourites articles ever. My darling husband made it to the 4th floor like what πŸ˜±.  It has definitely been a journey for him and I'm just here to celebrate everything about him and more πŸŽ‰

First let me just say, Happy Birthday Baey. 40 amazing years on this planet is worth celebrating πŸ₯‚. You have in every way made me proud and I'm so happy to be doing this thing called life with you. You are an amazing person in all ways and I cannot even imagine my life with somebody else. The journey to get to this point wasn't the easiest for you but I'm so proud of everything you have been able to do for yourself and more. Oh, what a journey it has been for you. Today, I'm raising a glass to good health, more success, growth, peace, and everything that your heart desires.

That being said, I will be sharing 40 amazing things about my husband that I really love. whoop whoop (this should be easy peasy right? hahaha, vi ska see (we will see in Swedish)). Btw, this is going to be totally random and in no particular order. Okiedokie, let's get right into it πŸ’ƒ

  1. Amazing, amazing, and amazing Husband. Oh, my heart blesses how great my husband has been over the last 8 (almost 9 years). Let's save all the gists for next year πŸ˜‰.
  2. Best"est" father to my babies. Need I say more, just ask my Teni and Tade for all the details but he is definitely the one that spoils those two.
  3. Easily my favourite person to be on this parenting journey with. We definitely do have our differences when it comes to our styles but trust me 5 years into this parenting journey, I would say we are killing it if I do say so myself (raising a glass to the best parents to our kids #ifykyk)
  4. Your patience and the peace you bring to our home make me wonder if you are from another planet or something. My husband consistently makes me feel guilty every time I get angry because I'm like but this guy didn't offend you Wems, why did you have to do that (I still bring the hard girl me into the picture sometimes, and guess who will make him apologize again). Okay bye
  5. Oh, my "brainy" aka "omo la bere iwe labi". I wrote more about that here but who gets a 5.0/5.0 CGPA. Phew, well need I say more 🀷‍♀️. Fun fact: I read because of him because whatever πŸ˜‚
  6. My husbae is a typical example of "Thank God, we don't look like what we have been through". I cannot say this enough but I'm extremely proud of you.
  7. I call him Wems Dr. Bae because if I don't who will? But yeah he has a Ph.D. and even though he doesn't like to blow his own trumpet, I will always blow it for him (*flips hair Dr. Mrs. Ibidz*)
  8. He loves to dance and I can never forget how well he danced on our Engagement ceremony day (I wasn't there but the feedback my friends gave me was not to bother dancing again because he already danced for both of us)
  9. I absolutely love your work-life balance (I know you won't agree to this but I watch you closely and learn a lot from you). The way you switch easily from work to home life still amazes me because I still struggle with this daily. 
  10. I love how dedicated you are when you want to watch movies. My husband can decide to stay all night to watch a certain series that tickles his fancy (can never be me, I value my early bedtime routine more than anything πŸ˜‚)
  11. Amidst all, the love you show to your extended family makes me really understand how loving you are. Oh a kind man and more, I would say πŸ™Œ
  12. Your favourite quote has always been "expect nothing from anyone & nobody owes you anything". I always wonder why you love and believe in this quote a lot but now I do understand that better and I cannot even agree less.
  13. I love how you love nature even though I'm struggling in that department but I love how passionate you are about everything nature plus any quiet and serene place (like just sitting by the riverside). Well, maybe that's why Tade loves sharks because an apple doesn't fall too far from a tree eh?
  14. I love how you listen to all my rants. I couldn't have asked for a better spouse because Adulting be getting on my nerves most times but you always have the right words to make it make sense and keep me calm amidst the chaos of life. Oh, what a friend I find in you.
  15. I met you in 2010 and it's been 13 years of knowing you. I have to say that nothing has changed except for your tummy πŸ˜‚ (yeap, I feed you well). Jokes apart, you have been consistent over the years in terms of your values, beliefs, the way you handle situations, and everything in between. You are definitely my role model and I will always say I'm happy to be walking on this path with you
  16. Relationship-wise, thank you for always agreeing to take time off with me to go on day-dates and create beautiful memories together. 
  17. Thank you for always taking good pictures of me #overallbestinstagramhusband
  18. Thank you for always getting me the best gifts, especially all my favourite cologne.
  19. Thank you for always making our morning routine and school runs easy peasy (even though I know it's hard for you to stand up in the morning, sorry to the night owlers😜) but you still make sure everybody is all settled in before you start your day.
  20. How can I forget our first journey into parenting and how things didn't go as expected. The way you always woke up with me at midnight and ensured I didn't fall into postpartum depression is something I will always remember. Because of your support and how we held each other's hand, we were able to bring Teni home with so much joy even though we didn't know how the journey would turn out. Look at us now, over 5 years into the journey and we are killing it 
  21. Thank you for not giving up on yourself even though the journey was very rough. Your grit, determination, and endurance are all that have brought us to where we are together. I am so proud of you and will always be.
  22. Thank you for staying close to me during my career transition period. Phew, the fact that I had to go back to school during my maternity leave and you told me that, you would give me all the support that I needed to succeed. You sure did support me through it all. You never for once left my side till I got my first job. I could never have done the transition without you. Periodt.
  23. My first job as a front-end developer was literally done by the two of us. The way you always come to my rescue, check my broken code, and explain what I need to know is one I can never forget for a long time
  24. Thank you for always making the best meals when time permits you. I can never beat your asun and fried stew but I love it for us because who doesn't love good food
  25. Thank you for always appreciating me and telling me how beautiful I am even though I always rant about how many kilos I have to lose daily but you will never stop buying Tim Hortons breakfast for me. How can I even say no to good food?
  26. When I lost my dad, I wasn't sure about how will we pull through the burial ceremony. I was so nervous about the trip but you stood by me all through the process and assured me that everything will be fine and everything turned out great just as you predicted. 
  27. Teni is always happy to tell everyone that her Daddy tells her bedtime stories every night. I definitely struggle a lot at night but you always step in. Oh, what a great team player you are.
  28. You definitely don't like my choice of movies (yeap, I watch Yoruba movies) and whatever I decide to watch (90 days fiance, YouTube, and others) but you still sit and watch them with me even though I don't watch yours. I would like to have your kind of heart when I grow up tbh πŸ™ˆ.
  29. There has never been any moment where I have had to beg for your support. You have always been a great lover, friend, teacher, and mentor to me. I genuinely appreciate you for being a shoulder to lie on
  30.  I am a spoilt wife because you steadily give me the room to be myself and just live life on my own terms. 
  31. Thank you for always laughing at my boring and not-so-boring jokes. I definitely do crack you up and I love that you love it (don't ask him if he doesn't love it pleaseπŸ˜‚)
  32. Thank you for always providing for our needs. Be it financially, emotionally, physically and everything in between
  33. Thank you for being a present Dad to our kids even though you didn't have that support when you were growing up but you didn't allow that to define you. I couldn't have asked for a better Dad for my babies
  34. Thank you for the respect and love you show me daily even for the slightest thing like saying thank you when I serve you food. Oh, my heart blesses you
  35. Your love language has always been act of service. It took me some time to understand it but once I did, I see how you slay daily in that department. 
  36. Thank you for always putting us first. 
  37. Thank you for always driving me to work (when you can) & picking me up.
  38. Thank you for being a great mentor to the younger generation. Everybody that you have mentored always comes back to say how grateful they are. Thank you for sharing what you have with the world.
  39. Thank you for always stepping into my role as a Mum when I'm overwhelmed. I really don't know how you do it all but you are definitely my superhero
  40. Thank you for allowing me to shower you with so much love daily. You deserve all the love that you are getting from us. You haven't even seen anything yet because the next phase of our life is about to be a movie (Amen!!!)

I could go on and on about how amazing my husband of over 8 years has been. He is truly the man of my dreams and beyond and I couldn't have asked for a better husbae. He is not even perfect if I'm being honest but I can't even be mad at those imperfections because, for the most part of it, he has truly been a great person and beyond. What else can I say? I live with one of the best guys out there and I am eternally grateful for him. 

Dearest Dr. Bae mi owon, I wish you long life and good health. You can be sure that I will always be by your side to support you, celebrate you, love you, and crack my jokes πŸ˜‚ (sorry but not sorry)

Cheers Baey. Love you and Happy birthday once again my guyest guy (Alexa, play me  who is your guy?)

That will be all from me today. Thank you for stopping by & I will see you again at the next one..πŸ’‹

Oh, my heart. Just look at my babies 😍