Look who is 2!!!

My baby boy of yesterday is officially two. whohoo 🎉.  I remember this day exactly 2 years ago when he came to this world. He was so tiny and had to be taken to the NICU for a couple of days because he was way smaller than what he should be at 35 weeks and had stopped growing. He had to be brought out before his due date & Although, I didn't know what to expect, I was hopeful that everything will turn out fine for us just like his Sister and yes, everything turned out just fine. Look at us now, two years later, we are striving, reaching our milestones and growing daily.

So you see why this Mama is so excited and cannot keep calm. Let me just say that, I'm the happiest Mama alive today to be honest and it's my birthday too (😝)

Today's blogpost is dedicated to my sweet Mr cute face, Tade. I'm so grateful for the gift of him & also happy that he completes our family. These last 2 years have been filled with joy, a lot of play, beautiful milestones, adapting to the daycare, amongst others. My son literally keeps us on our toes and i'm not even joking. I always say he is the spice we didn't know we needed in our family & i'm so glad he brought in the spice 100%.

So grateful for the gift of you, Tade and as you clock two today, I have this cute little poem written by me, all for you my sweet baby boy. I also wanted to let you know that Mama loves you dearly and she is always proud of you too 😘

Dear Tade, you are a gift to us

You colour our world like the rainbow in the sky

You are sweet like chocolate and candy

We are so lucky & blessed to have you

Dear Tade, each time we look at you, you look so bright like the sun

Your birthday always bring back memories of the day you were born

Just like yesterday, you have grown to be what we desire in our son and more

We cannot say you are perfect but you are perfect for us

Dear Tade, as you clock two today, our prayer for you is that you continue to grow

We hope that the years ahead is filled with great things

Your Dad & I cannot wait to share beautiful memories with you & your beautiful sister

We are so proud of you always


Love Always


Thank you for stopping by in #WemsCorner today. I have to say that I'm so thankful for my beautiful family and friends for celebrating our son with us. It truly takes a village. The birthday boy celebrated his day with his friends at the day care & we also had a family dinner together. The weather was also very good today which made it so perfect. What a beautiful day🌞. Yeah, that will be all from me today. I will see you again in the next one..💋