Hi Five: Recap of My Daughter's Encanto-Themed 5th Birthday

My daughter is five!!! Wawu how time flies. I still remember the day I gave birth to her just like yesterday. Truly I believe the adage that says that "the days may be long but the years are short" because how am I even a mom to a 5-year-old 😱????

My heart is so full and I'm grateful for the opportunity to be on this journey. No, it's not the easiest journey to be on nor does it have a manual on the best way to go about Parenting your kids. I have to say that most of us learn from our experiences. I know there are a lot of resources out there on how to manage & juggle your way through some of these experiences but let me just say that everybody's experience is unique and there is no one way to go about parenting your kids. Whichever way you take, just pray for grace & strength that it works out well for you & even if you make mistakes while at it, just know that it's completely normal & you are still a great mom or dad amidst all simply because perfect parenting doesn't exist. Just felt I should drop this lesson here from my 5 years of experience on this journey. Anyhoo,  that being said, I'm the happiest mom alive and days like these just make me proud of myself. So happy birthday to me as well (whoop whoop) 🎉

Kids love birthdays a lot and some of them count down 3-4 months before their birthdays😆. My daughter wasn't an exception coupled with the fact that most of her friends in school were also celebrating their birthdays at that time so she was so eager and anxious to celebrate hers too and to be honest, I'm here for all the excitement and more because the older you get, the tougher it becomes to have all these kind of fun and more so I'm all about having fun, enjoying the moment and making every little moment count, no matter how little

So for Teni's 5th, I have to say it was as simple as I wanted it to be. As usual, I started planning a few months ahead to avoid any anxieties or rush. I also asked her a couple of questions just to know what she wanted for her big day and I did just that. So, today I will be sharing a few pictures from her 5th and how the day went. Let's dive right into it

The first thing I always do when it comes to birthdays is pick a theme. For this birthday, we picked an Encanto theme together and I'm glad she loved it. After picking a theme, she also wanted me to invite her friends from school and emphasized that she just wanted them to have fun and play and that was all we did. We picked an indoor playground for them to play in, invited her friends from school, her cousins, and very few close friends around and that was it. She definitely loved it and I'm glad we were able to do this for her the way she wanted it which is very important for me because it was her day & I wanted her to own the day.

After picking the theme & inviting her friends, I bought a couple of Encanto theme party items like hats, plates, cups, balloons, and party favors to spice things up. Then I also contacted a cake vendor to bake the theme cake for me and that was it.  As usual, I won't be sharing pictures of the guests or their kids, I will only be sharing general pictures from the birthday and my family as well😍

One of the best parts/highlights of the birthday for me was the venue. I love how spacious it was and bright.

I also loved that the venue was already decorated. I wanted to add a few balloons of the theme but I didn't get to the venue on time and that mission wasn't accomplished. Overall, I was satisfied with the venue.

Even though I didn't add balloons, I was able to set the table with cups, plates, party hats, and napkins of the theme & that spiced things up for sure.

The other thing we did was have a princess around to tell them stories, sing a birthday song for her & also take pictures with her. We all felt the princess was boring but the kids didn't mind and I have to tell you that kids just want to have fun, every other thing is secondary to them.

The second highlight for me was the cake. I loved how my plug brought the theme to life.  It tasted as good as it looked & that definitely made me happy.

After the story time with the princess, singing and cutting of the cake were next, then they all ate pizza and ice cream which was pre-ordered from the venue and that was it. 

The other side of the room had a large indoor playground.  All parents got a $5 arcade and full access to the playground for the rest of the evening. So Teni, her friends, and her cousins spent the rest of the evening there.

Love this after-party picture with her cousins and brother (yes the girls were twinning in Encanto Tshirts)

Yeah, that was the summary of my Teni's Encanto-themed 5th birthday. A couple of things didn't go as planned but I choose to focus only on the positives just because we only keep positive memories and let go of the not-so-positive moments. That said, my son wasn't feeling too well that day & I was so stressed out prior to the day and on that day as well because of that. He cried a lot on that day & that was why he was missing in most of the pictures but thankfully, his sister still had fun with her friends and that is all that matters💝

The caption for this has to be "when you are sick but still look cute"

I'm so thankful and grateful to be surrounded by awesome friends and family who rallied around us and came through for us. I'm not the one to throw parties a lot but I'm glad I was able to celebrate this milestone for my daughter just the way she wanted it.

My wish for her is to continue to be the awesome girl that she is & eat more of course😜 (had to add that eat more part because I know she will still read this blog someday & then come back to say "but mom, you didn't have to add that"😆 & I would say "but the truth is always bitter")...hahahahaha 😛

This year has been a very stressful year for me but amidst all the Adulting and life, I'm glad I was still able to create time for some of the most important things that matter to me because, at the end of the day, these are the only memories that we will have and that is all that matters tbh.

Yeah, that will be all from me today. I hope your day is as beautiful and bright as the pictures I just shared today. Thank you for stopping by & I will see you again in the next one..💋

Yes, we twinned for our daughter's birthday😍