Our 2022 Spring Activities Recap

Been so long on my favourite space and I have to say that I've missed writing, documenting, and pouring my heart down on my blog but life and adulting have taken over and I cannot even deny the fact that it's impossible to do it all. I decided to stick to the most important things for now which is basically getting used to my new job & also Mummying which takes most (if not all) of my time. 

That being said I'm so grateful to be doing this adulting life with my loved ones (my Dr Bae and my lovely kids) & although, I've not been able to write any article this year, we have been creating beautiful memories BTS which I absolutely love & today I will be writing about the top 5 things we got to in Spring 2022.

This year, the weather has been very interesting (I think that's the best way to describe what we've been experiencing so far). We had a very good winter if I'm being honest here but Spring & Summer have been very tricky (I mean, talk about heavy rain on the 1st of July for like 30-45 minutes after experiencing a hot day🙄). I mean for a city like Calgary, it's not that surprising to have different variations of weather in a day but you wouldn't expect a heavy downpour in July but again, it's Calgary, anything is possible. That being said, we didn't allow the "confused weather" to stop us from creating beautiful memories & today, I will be sharing my top 5. These outings & activities are all kid-friendly (y'all already know I rock with family-friendly events for now & if you don't, now you do).

Without further ado, the top 5 activities that we have enjoyed as a family in spring 2022 will have to be

- Easter Eggstravaganza - This was an Easter celebration event organized for kids in our community. There were games, food trucks, crafts, and face painting. We definitely had a good time celebrating Easter with our neighbours and friends. I always love events like this because we get to meet more people living in our community and of course make new friends. My daughter got her first face paint on that day & she loved it.

- Visiting Heritage park - I have to say that, visiting Heritage park has to be the highlight of Spring 2022 for me. I have always heard about the park but I have to confess that I thought it was only a museum that was there and I wasn't so sure if it will be family-friendly but when my husband suggested that we should try it, I agreed reluctantly BUT when we got there, I was wowed. A couple of things for me

        There is something for everybody (both parents and kids)

        - There are so many things to see and do (trust me, we didn't even finish seeing it all that day)

I loved the experience & we enjoyed all the activities we got to that day. I will definitely be visiting soon again (yeah, I really loved it there)


- Butterfield Acres Farm - Another interesting activity we got to was visiting a farm. My daughter & I have been to Cobb's Adventure before in the Fall of 2019 (it was a fall event organized at my former workplace for families), you can check it out here. However, this was a different experience for us because this was my husband & son's first experience on the farm in Calgary and also our first time as a whole family. I have to say that my son had a very good time on that day. He was ready to pet, touch, carry and play with the pets. My daughter, on the other hand, wasn't so sure if she wanted to pet the animals or even liked any of the animals😅 except for the baby animals but overall, it was a good experience. I also saw an IIama for the first time and that was definitely the highlight for me.

- Splash park party - This was another community-organized event for the kids & as usual, we were there with the kids. The weather played its tricks as usual but the good thing was that we were given a specific time range (1-3pm) & we tried our best to keep to that time because there was a heavy downpour of rain a few minutes after 3pm but glad we made it. The kids were able to enjoy the splash park & other events planned out for that day. We also managed to get a free family picture (not perfect but I'm okay with that)

- Playdate at Big Fun Inflatable - Yes to playdates & making more mummy friends. One of my daughter's best friends in her current school lives in the same community as we do & we decided to have a playdate together. The kids definitely had a good time together & it was also a good bonding time for us as Mummies too. 

It's been an activity-packed Spring for us. We also attended a couple of birthday parties & just generally had fun. It's officially Summer (woohoo)💃. Summer is very short in Canada but we have a couple of activities planned ahead. I hope we will be able to create beautiful memories for the kids this year after the lockdown of over 2 years. 

That will be all from me today. I think it's safe to say that I'm officially back & I cannot even wait to keep sharing everything about life & more in my favourite space. Until next time, remember that the greatest legacy we can leave our kids are the memories that we create with them...💋