A Throwback Collection of Our Yearly Visit to the Santa in 5 Years

It's the end of another week and let me tell you a little secret about me, Friday is my favourite day of the week💃. I love the fact that its the end of another week and I can relax plus sleep anytime I like in preparation for my "short" weekend 😫

"Anyhoo" today, i'm sharing our Santa Claus trip collection over the past 5 years. There is something about a visit to the Santa that excites me so much. My husband feels that i'm always overly excited when it comes to us going to visit the Santa than the kids (fun fact: that may be true🙈). I just really love taking a yearly picture with the Santa and come to think of it, during the restrictions last year (2020), I still found a way to have Santa pay us a visit at home🙈

Let me just say that when I was looking at all these amazing throwback pictures, one thing stood out for me and that was GROWTH. I love everything about taking pictures and capturing the special moments of my kids. It's not always the easiest task to do especially because kids have a mind of their own (they might not smile, sit or look into the camera when you want them to) but I have gotten to that space where I appreciate every moment i'm able to capture because trust me, they grow up so fast and while you are still waiting for a perfect moment, they have grown past that stage so we just go with the flow for now and that's just fine.

That being said, these are our Santa Claus trip throwback collections over the past 5 years. Enjoy!!!

December 2017

 Teni's First Christmas

Teni's first Christmas was in Sweden and I remember us walking around the mall, just to look for where to find a Santa because I wanted Teni to have the experience. Looking back now, i'm so happy we did this because that was the only Christmas she did in Sweden.

December 2018

Teni's Second Christmas and First Christmas in Canada

December 2019
We went to the zoo with a couple of friends to see the outdoor Christmas light and voila, we found a Santa there.

December 2020

Santa came home due to COVID-19 restrictions

December 2021

My favourite of them all is 2021 because just look at how beautiful my little family have grown over the years and of course seeing Tade join us in our yearly visit (aside 2020 since Santa came home for that one) brings a huge smile on my face

Tade's official first visit to the Santa

I actually cannot wait to see how big they would have grown in another 5 years from now. Growth is so beautiful and i'm here for all of it. 

I also wanted to mention this to Parents. Don't worry too much if the pictures are not nice or perfect. If you look closely at all our pictures, you will see a lot of flaws here and there but the most important thing is capturing the moment. Also, as a parent, sometimes, we tend to focus more on the kids and forget to be in the picture. Please try as much as possible to be in the picture, trust me, you are going to love all the throwbacks when the time comes.

Yeah, that will be all from me today. I hope you will also be visiting the Santa this year and I hope you enjoy everything this season brings your way. Merry Christmas in Advance. Until next time, remember to do something today that makes you happy...💋

How cute are these, how it started vs how it's going of my babies? 

Teni and Tade's First Christmas (How it started)

2021's Trip to the Santa (How it's going)