3 Years Blogversary & 5 blog lessons

Looked who made it to the third year of being a blogger. Me of course. Today marks exactly my third year of writing my thoughts down and sharing part of my life on my blog. It's been a journey and I totally love what I have done so far. I have not written any article this year so this officially marks my first article for the year 2020...yaaaay. Happy New Year!!!🎉

The year is running fast already. Can y'all believe it's already the 14th of January and we are half way done already with this month. Well, it is what it is peeps. The year is moving fast already. I must say the year started a bit slow for me, I was so tired in the first week of getting back to work and the routine. This week definitely feels more like it and I think i'm back. So in order to celebrate my blogversary, I will be sharing the top 5 lessons I have learnt in my 3 years of being a blogger. Hopefully somebody out there can learn 1 or 2 things especially if you plan on being a blogger or just generally want to start something new (social media wise) and not sure of what/how it feels like. Well, I gat you😍. Here are my top 5 lessons below

1. My number 1 lesson will definitely be to create your niche: Just ask yourself this question? What do I want to write about that I wont be bored or burnt out at a point? For me, the answer was to write about me and what is going on around me at every point in time. Hence the title "life musings- a diary of a wife and mum" Why did I pick that? 1. My story will always be unique to me 2. I am still evolving so I was sure that there will be so many things to share and talk about every point in time.

Btw how cute is this mother-daughter picture that we took in Summer😍
2. The second lesson I have learnt is that copyright is a thing and don't get yourself into that mess. Don't copy any image without referencing the original owner. Better still use your own image. 80% of the time I write on my blog, I always use my pictures but if I have to use any other image then I make sure that I add a link to that website or tag the owner. There are a lot free images online that you can also use without referencing. However do your research very well before using them. I would say "it's better to be safe than sorry".

3. Another lesson is "it gets better with time". Having a blog isn't a walk in the park. There a lot of times I see typos after publishing and I have to revert the article and correct. You have to align, put your pictures in the right place, use the appropriate labels and lest I forget, you need to dedicate time to it. After 3 years, I can confidently say that I have become a better person in my writing and I also know that it will definitely get better if I keep doing this. So if you are just starting your blog or about to start one, just know that you won't be perfect overnight but I can assure you that you won't be the same person after a while.

That face you give when you've just finished an article at work😜 It is called multi-tasking

4. Connect with other bloggers - I must say i'm still struggling with this. The plan is to do better this year. The more you connect with peeps doing the same thing you do, the better for your blog and your audience as a whole. There are a lot of peeps out there blogging, "youtub-"ing" and generally doing great stuffs with the media. Honestly, the challenge for me is that I may not be able to keep up considering all the tasks on my table but fingers crossed I get better this year.

Me sitting pretty and thinking about the blogger I want to have a brunch with while Teni photobombs😅

5. Finally, you have to be on top of your game. I mean you have to constantly think of ways to make your blog page better. For example, change your theme, layout, bio picture and update your "about me page" regularly. Just make sure that you create a clean and catchy look for your readers. I have tried to change my themes over the years and I also added more tabs to my blog. One of the things I hope to work on is having a better layout/theme for my pictures. I really wish I could have that in place this year (fingers crossed).

All in all, I would say my blog is here to stay. To be honest, I don't have any wild plan or goals for this space this year. I just want to keep writing, sharing and enjoying the ride. Nevertheless, I will keep making sure I give my best to this space, who knows, one day we might be taking some of the contents on this blog and converting it to a book (thank you for saying Amen...impossible is nothing, right?😄).

That will be all from me today. I hope you have learnt 1 or 2 tips from me that you can hold on to, as we sail through 2020 together. Thank you as always for stopping by in my little corner. Cheers to the next one year of blogging.. Btw, here is a link to my blogversary post over the years. The link to 2017 bloversary here which is so similar to today's post and of course 2018 blogversary here. Decided to also drop a link to my first blogpost here. Enjoy all the reads & Until next time...💋

This picture sort of depicts my 2020 mood😛