What have I been up to lately?

My blog has been on a long mute lately. This is simply because of my career and adulting. I have tried my best to be a super woman but eewww, it is so HARD to wing it all at the same time. I doff my hat to all the working mums out there that do other stuffs, the struggle has been so real for me. I can barely function after work with my toddler that equally needs attention. So let me just say I have two jobs.

Teni be like "Mummy, really, did you just say you have two jobs?"
Anyway, today's article is a short write-up on what I have been up to lately (career wise). If you check my post here, here and here. You would have had an idea of what I love to do/ what I am looking forward to becoming (my long term goal).  I started off by taking online short courses sometime around last year, after my second masters degree programme/before I got a job and I have been able to complete a few courses (flips hair). This journey hasn't been an easy one, considering that, I have two full time jobs (😜) but I have learnt over the years to appreciate myself and sometimes pat myself on the shoulders for the little things I am able to do and then support everything with prayers while keeping my fingers crossed that everything works out well at the end of the day.

I will be sharing two of my MOOCs down below. I am just sharing these two because they are long courses (4 weeks minimum) and also paid courses. There were other short ones that I also did but they were just few hours and most of them were introductory courses. I am also planning a certification towards the end of the year (that year of getting it right, fingers crossed that I can achieve this). I have been working so hard towards it though. Reading, practicing and generally prepping myself.

Having said that, I miss my blog a lot😭 simply because this is my happy/ranting place. That place I can be myself and express myself as much as I can (my guilt-free zone). However, it's been so hard to keep up. The good part of everything is that, I have learnt overtime not to be too hard on myself in whatever situation/condition I find myself at any point in time, simply because I see every stage as a stepping stone to greater heights (can I hear a loud "amen" please on my behalf😜).

Anyway, I will just like to wrap this all up by saying that, I hope I will be able to figure everything out later on and probably get to that stage where I will be able to wing it all (super mom mood loading) but for now, we are just taking one day at a time. Btw, I have some awesome posts coming up💃, watch out for that. Thank you as always for stopping by in my little corner, don't miss me too much, I will be back with all my regular gists and awesome posts soonish. Until next time...💋

Just a bonus picture from us. This was during the Mother's day party on the 10th of May, 2019 #BlurryButMeLikey