It's a Wrap: Phd Graduation

Feels so good to be back...I miss blogging, I miss my space but so many things have happened within these few passing months that I will be unfolding one by one as time goes on but first let's talk about GRADUATION *flips hair*. Yes we graduated🙈... My husband actually graduated but since we all know that once you marry everybody says "two become one", so I can proudly say that I have a Phd too by marriage, so call us Dr and Dr (Mrs) Ibidun😝. In other news, let's delve right into the main gist👇👇👇

The graduation ceremony for Phd students in Sweden is in three stages. The first stage is called "spikning". This simply means nailing your dissertation to the wall. It is sorta a tradition in Sweden for doctoral students and most of them go through this process. Basically, the process involves nailing a copy of your dissertation after being printed to the wall at a designated location in the university. The ceremony is a very short one and my husband's own took place at the university library. His supervisor, colleagues and of course my humble self and Teni were in attendance. Usually, its a small ceremony and you don't have to invite your friends over but if you want to, you can invite as many people as you want. We went through this amazing ceremony on the 21st of November, 2017. I attached few pictures of the event below.

Nail It!!!
Peep My baby girl's reaction😆 she actually stole the show

The second stage of the ceremony which is the most important event is the "defence day". I wrote a little bit about it here. That day was one of the best days of my life. Aside that I was so proud of my husband, it was also my birthday that very day. So for many years to come, we will always remember December 14 as a very special day. Just like the usual final defence. My husband presented what he has done so far, the opponent commented and asked also few questions from him. Other panelists asked questions as well and I must say I was on #TeamProudWife that day. He went above and beyond and yes he was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy that very day. We had a mini reception after the presentation and then later in the evening we hosted few friends and colleagues at his department. It was such a memorable day for us.

#MCE😍Izza Dr. Ibids
Squad always representing but my sweet girl was tired

The Panel (His supervisor, opponent amongst others)

Dinner later in the evening with few friends and colleagues
Hubby explaining the menu
Birthday Gurl💋❤️
To cap it all up the final event/third stage is the "vårpromotion" which means "graduation ceremony in English". Phd graduation is always done once in a year. Although, my husband defended his thesis in December, he had to join the next batch for the ceremony. The ceremony is done in Spring of every year. (May). The ceremony was for two days. The first day's event was dinner with the vice chancellor while the second day was the main event. The main event in general marks the award ceremony/the conferment. At Umeå University where my husband graduated from, the conferment ceremony involves - a small leaf-covered bridge called a parnass, where the new doctor is greeted by the conferrer (in Swedish: promotor) with a handshake. The conferrer, who is himself/herself a doctor, is the one who bestows or promotes the insignia to the new doctors. The hat, laurel wreath, ring and the diploma are examples of the insignia. When the doctor has received the insignia, he/she walks through the parnass and is bidden farewell (Adapted from: Umeå University). The video of my husband's conferment is attached below.

Dinner with the Vice-Chancellor
Graduation Day, peep that flag😍 #LoveEeet
My best picture of all time😍 Teni will love it when she grows up
Squad forever repping😍
Congatualtions Babyboo💃

In general, I am so proud of my husband for attaining the highest level of academic credential. It wasn't an easy journey. Trust me, even though I was on #TeamSupport throughout the programme, I was also stressed above and beyond (you see why I said it's 'our Phd😛'). Not everyone can start and finish this programme and the challenges differ from institutions to research groups amongst others. I am forever a #TeamProudWifey. Once again I congratulate my darling husband😍😘

I hope you love this piece and I also hope that someone out there will be encouraged to keep chasing their dreams and keeping their heads high up no matter what life throws at them. Until next time...💋