The Mummy Tag (2018)

My daughter & I

Today marks exactly 9 months that we have been a family of three. The big one is almost here😍*yaay*. I can't believe how time has flown by. My little baby girl of yesterday is now crawling, eating poundo, rice, noodles, etc. She is now saying a few words like "Dada😡"(why not Mama) and "hey". I have grown overnight. My life changed right in front of my eyes. She is the reason I wake up and smile daily. She is irreplaceable. Inasmuch as it hasn't been all perfect, there have been so many sleepless nights, some naughty moments and even some days where I just don't get the whole mummy thing done in the right way. However, I still cannot trade all the beautiful moments we have shared together for anything in this world. She has been a blessing to us and we are grateful.

That being said today is all about the Mummy Tag. The mummy tag is simply a set of questions you see other mums answer either on their blogs, YouTube pages or Instagram. All you need to do is just to copy some or all the questions and then customize it in your own way. I picked 10 random questions from other mummy bloggers and here is it.

My Daughter and I😍 #WeDeserveSomeAccolade😆

1) How has life changed since you had your baby?
My life has definitely changed in so many ways. First, I am now a full-time planner. I have to plan everything I do to fit into my daughter's routine. Also, I have grown in so many areas of my life. Simply put, Teni gave my life a new meaning.

2) Your child's favourite food?
That would definitely be Gröt. Gröt simply means porridge in English. It can be likened to Cerelac. It has different flavours like pear, banana, apple, etc. Teni can take gröt all day, every day. That is her go-to meal for now.

Image from: Semper

3) Do you want more kids? How Many?
Yes, we definitely want more kids. How many? well, I cannot say yet but all I know is that it ranges from 1-2.

4) Reaction when you knew you were preggy
I think I lost my mind at first then I later came back to my senses *lol*. I discovered I was pregnant a day before my birthday in December 2016. That day/that moment was the happiest day of my life. I was really happy.

This was me on my birthday in 2016 and yes I was a few weeks pregnant here😍 btw my hair was popping😛🙈

5) Your child's favourite show?
Definitely Dave and Ava on YouTube. She loves them a lot and I have also fallen in love with them as well.

Image from YouTube

6) Finish this sentence.”It makes my heart melt to see”….
Teni’s face when her daddy comes back from work. She is usually excited, jumping around the whole place and of course happy to have him around after a long day😍

7) Hardest part of motherhood?
The hardest part so far for me was during the winter period when she had flu. She wasn't eating or playing. Her nostrils were blocked. When we took her to the clinic, we were told that it was the flu season so she wasn't given any drug or anything to soothe her discomfort. I was really worried but after a week or so, she got better. I would say the hardest part is when she is sick. Usually a tough moment for me.

8) Best part of being a mum?
Everything. From cuddles to smiles to kisses and hugs😍. Just everything. I am enjoying the whole process to the fullest. I am not saying it's is all perfect, but right now, I am enjoying this whole mummy life thing.

In Teni's voice: *Mummy come, Let's make Daddy jealous😜*

Just look at us 😃. We play too much #SnapchatSlayQuuens😆🙈

9) What was your child's most exciting milestone?
Well so far, it would definitely be the day she started crawling very well. I know there are still a lot of milestones to be smashed but at the moment crawling is on the top of my list. She has become more independent, she grabs all the items in the house and she supports me in the kitchen😄. Well, this also comes with some intense monitoring because she can just grab, touch or eat anything. However, this still tops my list of most exciting milestones.

10) Describe your child in one word.

Feel free to join the mummy tag whether you are a blogger or not plus I hope you enjoyed reading mine. Until next time...Xoxo💋