My New Therapy

Today's post is all about my new found love...The truth of the matter is that this thing called motherhood can be sometimes overwhelming. Don't get me wrong, I am totally grateful for the opportunity and the experience. I also am glad that I am able to discover/bring out another side of me. Just before we dive into it, let me give you a background to this story.

By end of my pregnancy, I had added a total of 22kg. I was so so afraid as I didn't know what to do and I was scared that I would be like this forever. A lot of people told me that nursing would make me lose a lot of weight but unfortunately that did not happen to me. I actually lost 10kg naturally few weeks after giving birth which left me with 12kg more to lose. When Teni was almost 12 weeks, I decided to buy a 9jafoodie LIN plan. She has a very straightforward and simple plan for anybody trying to lose weight with Nigerian meals. I love her plan because I was able to try a lot of new recipes which my hubby also absolutely loves. I wasn't 100% on the plan as my baby was still little and I didn't want to deprive her of anything. Fast forward to when my baby clocked 6 months. I decided to take care of myself fully and yes I discovered this new therapy which I am now totally addicted to. I am not 100% there yet neither have I met my goal but I just felt like sharing this. Hopefully I can come back to review this post later in the year to see how far I was able to go with this and maybe/maybe not reach my goal weight.

Two months before getting Preggy😛

Two days before delivery (plus 22 kilos) 😅

A Month after delivery😍

3 Months after Delivery (Cheeky me😜)

5 Months after Delivery (That day I fitted into an Old shirt💃)

Now (February, 2018) 15kg down💪💃

If you are a new mum and you are reading this piece, please and please do not put pressure on yourself. Like I wrote in my post on 5 insensitive questions that people ask . A lot of people want you to snap back like boom😢. For some people, it is very easy while for some it is not that easy. I just want to encourage anyone out there feeling insecure about their new body. I have been there, I know how it feels but I don't stay there simply because I cannot trade my daughter for anything on this planet. So anytime you feel that insecurity, look at your little one and be thankful.

What is then the new therapy? Well, it is walking, walking and walking😜. Yes I am now a walker woman😂. How did I become a walker woman? Grab a cup of chilled drink and keep reading😋😃...So, my husband has this fitbit watch which he stopped wearing after a while. Probably he got busy or life just happened. Anyway, the koko (main point) is that the watch has been on his table for a while. On one fateful day, my eyes just went to the corner of the table, I picked up the poor watch, charged it up, downloaded the mobile app and I started using it. Next, I got myself connected with few friends on 9jafoodie closed group that also had the app and BOOM, I became addicted.

How does it work? Very simple. When you wear the fitbit watch, you can sync it with its mobile app. This watch tracks your daily steps, heartbeat rate, calories burnt, miles walked daily and lots more. The most interesting part for me is the various challenges and goals you can reach and the rewards that comes with it. I just joined the #FitBitGang and I am loving it. I have been able to participate in few challenges with online friends and its been both stressful, interesting and tiring. One thing I love about these challenges is that they keep you on your toes. You wouldn't want to keep losing. I am still a newcomer and I am not bragging yet as I don't know how long I will be in the #FitBitGang. However, I hope to make a healthy lifestyle my new habit and also keep fit forever.
My fitbit model
Btw, I have been able to earn myself some cool trophies and badges within a space of one month 💪💪 which I will share below. Although, there are still a lot of badges and trophies to be won but I will see what happens by June (expect an updated article by then) now that I have reported myself here🙈. I just hope that I will be able to stay put and keep loving my new found therapy. This #FitBitGang life keeps me active all day and brings out the sweat in me even though at the moment the average temperature of Sweden is -20 degrees😄. Above all, my new found love has also reduced the grumpy and crancky feeling I experience especially on those days when everything seems overwhelming. With the combined effort of fitbit and 9jafoodie, I have been able to lose 5 more kilos making a total of 15 kilos down in a space of 6 months. I know I still have 7 or more kilos to go😢. I will get there someday (Amen🙈).

P.S: If you are also a part of the #FitbitGang and want to link up with me there, send me a message via my contact form above. Let's do this together 💪

Overall, wish your girl best of luck😋. Until next time...💋