Our First 100 Days: Mummy and Daughter Edition

Its been 100 days since we welcomed our little princess and I remember writing about my countdown to 100 days left of being pregnant here. Today, I am proud to be sharing "our" first 100 days together and the 10 biggest lessons we have learnt so far. Although I have shared a sneak peak of how my life changed from being a baby girl to a baby mama within the twinkle of an eye😝here. However, I have come to realize that no one knows it all and lessons keeps coming as each day passes.

I decided to divide the lessons into 2 sections (Mummy and Daughter). Hope you enjoy to read this from us to you as we enjoyed to write them.

                                                            5 Big Lessons from Mummy

Mama Bear 😍

  • I have learnt to use one hand: This has to be my number 1 lesson. I didn't even know I was good at using one hand until I saw it online that one of the things a mum would learn is using one hand to cook, dress up and do most of her house chores. Yes, I now use one hand to dress up, cook and clean up while I carry my baby with the other hand. Although, I swaddle her most times at my back while I do my most important chores but learning to joggle between doing what you have to do with a baby on one hand and using the other hand to do every other thing is possible and real.

  • I have learnt to bath a newborn and slay at it: Let me just say "bathing a small baby is no beans😜". During my pregnancy days, one of the things that we were worried about was how to bathe a new baby especially when you think about their fragile neck. After 100 days, I can proudly say I can bath my Tee (flips hair😜) and slay at it, I mean SLAY at it, yes emphasis on the "slay". Don't mind me, I can be a joker sometimes😁. Anyway, I have been able to learn to bath a newborn, and she loves her bathe time. I am thinking I will enrol her for swimming lessons when she is a bit older.

  • I have learnt about time management in the hard way: Time management is key with a newborn. As I am typing this article, I am literally calculating the time left for Tee to wake up and have her food. Before Tee came, I could surf the internet, go out whenever I felt like, do laundry whenever I want to, etc. This is impossible with a newborn. You have to be on your toes. I mean do whatever you have to do while your baby is asleep because once your baby wakes up, you might be grounded for sometime.

  • Let's talk about Patience: My newborn taught me more about patience. First she can only communicate through tears and some days can be really frustrating. I mean imagine feeding your baby, changing her diaper and patting yourself like "yes👊, let's just chill and relax" and your baby starts crying. Hmmm, of course you can't spank her. She doesn't even understand that yet anyway...You just have to smile, sing for her or pacify her while you are angry and maybe frustrated. Of course, this doesn't happen all the time but trust me some days are really tiring. I have learnt to be more patient with her and myself after sometime and just roll with whatever comes my way.

  • I have learnt to be thankful for little things: Yes, this might sound like a cliché but having a newborn has changed my perspective about what being thankful means. Now, I am always thankful for the silliest things like being thankful that my baby is not constipated😆or that she slept for few more hours while I do my workout or she woke up only once through the night. Funny but true...😁

These are definitely few out of the millions of lessons I have learnt and I am grateful I scaled through the first 100 days successfully. How time flies😔...Let's see what Tee has for us😆

                                                             5 Lessons from my TenTen

*In Teniola's voice* - Even though my mummy put these lessons together for me. They are the tiny lessons I have learnt so far, coupled with the things I have been able to do in my first 100 days on earth. 

I smile a lot
  • I have learnt to hold and grab few things like my parents big fingers and my little doll named "Octopus Daisy"😝
  • I have learnt how to put my five fingers in my mouth at the same time and that makes my mummy angry always
  • I can now focus on the camera and I have also learnt to smile when taking pictures as long as my mummy and daddy can entertain me.
  • I have mastered the act of saying no by using my hands and legs to push things away
  • I have learnt that once I cry either mummy or daddy will come to my rescue and I play tricks on them sometimes😂

                                                           5 Amazing Milestones
  • I am now 3 months old, *yaay*👶
  • I can now raise and turn my head from left to right.
  • I smile a lot.
  • I make a lot of sounds/babbles. 
  • I now hold my two hands together and play with my fingers

We hope you enjoyed reading this short piece from us. Until next time...💋