My Life as a First Time Mom

Where do I even start from? My life has totally changed. I cannot even explain the total transformation. From diaper change, to waking up for midnight feeds, to being emotional about the craziest things, to watching my little one grow, to finding the inner strength I never knew I had.

Motherhood is a blessing and it changes your life completely in a way you never planned or imagined. I am totally grateful for this opportunity and I see every stage of my life as an opportunity to rewrite my life and retrace my steps. Even though so many things have changed now and I can barely keep up with so many things but I am thankful I can be a teacher and mentor to a tiny little human being and truth be told, I just look at her sometime and ask myself if I am truly the mother to this little pumpkin.

I will be sharing five lessons motherhood has thought me so far as a first time Mum and how much I have grown within the twinkle of an eye.

  • Its no longer your life - when I mean its no longer your life, I mean its no longer about you and your husband. Having a tiny little human being to care for its no joke at all, its about understanding her sign language which is "tears". She cries literally over everything and its not only when she is hungry, it could be wet diaper, or other form of discomfort but of course 90% of the time its food.

  • Sleepless nights are real - I don't think any new mum escaped this one. Even if you have some people around to help, the first few months is a time of bonding and getting to know your new one better and as a new mum, virtually everything is still freaking you and so you want to do everything yourself no matter how many hands you have to help. My baby wakes up around 2am to feed and sometimes 5am but she has never missed her 2am feed before and then we have some mummy-daughter talk till around 3am. Most times it becomes difficult for me to get my sleep back but I try to have some quiet time or as usual see what has been happening on the social media.

  • Being Emotional - Emotions! Emotions!! Emotions!!! I remember how I shed tears by just looking at her face when she was few weeks old and I kept on asking myself " Is she really mine?". So many things makes a new mum emotional and for someone like me who loves to celebrate milestones, I had a fair share of being emotional with her first smile, first head up, first bath and lots more. I am very sure there are still a lot to celebrate which automatically means more milestones and more emotions. Lol

  • Making Mistakes - As a first time mum, there are so many mistakes you will make. However, technology has made almost everything easier. You can literally get almost all the answers to your questions online or by simply asking family and friends but that doesn't mean you will not make some little mistakes here and there. I have made a lot of mistakes but so far I haven't made any costly or silly mistakes as everything is still under control but do not be surprised, feel too bad or guilty about mistakes. It is bound to happen.

  • Tortured Relationship - I never "xperedit" (expected it) but it happened. You know when the only time you have time to have your usual husband-wife chitty-chatty talk is maybe when you are eating. Most of the other time its about baby, baby, baby or me being too tired or having to do some other things I had to do within the limited free time that I have.

All in all, just like I said earlier, Motherhood is a blessing which I doubt I want to trade for anything on this planet but as a first time Mum living far away from my family and friends, I grew up overnight. I mean I moved from baby girl to a baby mama *winks*. The transformation, lessons and duties worth it anyway but they are real. 

Until next time...💋

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