Pregnancy: The Last 100 Days of My First Pregnancy

I'm super excited today💃...Oh that joy that fills your heart when you check your pregnancy ticker and it tells you "you have only 100 days left to meet your little pumpkin💃"...I was surprised and at the same time *eggzited *...How time flies😲...I remember how the whole journey started and all my fears of maybe this is real or not but seeing how time and days have gone by. All i'm thinking about now is meeting this little bun that has been baking in the oven.

Pregnancy is a very magical and sweet experience😍. Really no one can really explain to you what to feel or how exactly the whole process will turn out. There will definitely be some little doubts, fears and worries here and there but definitely different days comes with different experiences and different signs. For me, I escaped vomiting but it was a lot of nausea and dizziness. I was constantly weak and always felt like sleeping in my first trimester. Second trimester has been interesting so far coupled with good weather days here in Sweden, feeling the kicks everyday and yippee💃 the bump has started showing. Every time, I try any of my tops, jeans or dresses and it doesn't fit any longer, I just laugh at myself and i'm like c'mon, this one too is gone😁, lol...see you in summer. Seriously looking forward to my third trimester in few weeks and what it has in store for me. I tried to enjoy every moment of my pregnancy by of course taking pictures weekly, writing letters to my baby as often as I can and of course speaking and having short conversations before we sleep but all in all its been a sweet experience. 

However, I will be sharing my top 5 memorable experiences of the whole preggy journey. I know I still have few weeks to go but since i'm more than half way gone, I think its not too early to share some of these experiences😉

  • Milestones: I love love love milestones. Aside being pregnant, there are just so many things I personally love to celebrate. I have so many dates of friends and families in my head (birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc...). I know its a girl thing though so maybe its the girly thing in me😋. For this pregnancy, every milestone got me. Some of them are:
         ⇒ Seeing the heartbeat at 8 weeks😍
         ⇒ End of first trimester😍
         ⇒ Scan for gender reveal😍
         ⇒ Just 100 days left to meet the pumpkin😍, etc...

  • Adding Weight: I started adding weight from my first trimester😅. I was happy and sad because I have always been this "I don't want to be fat person" but you know you cannot starve yourself and at the same time you are scared that if you skip breakfast then you might be dizzy. It took sometime before I could accept the new weight and big cheeks but that joy that you are doing this to bring a whole human being to life makes you leave your worries behind.

  • Being Pampered: I wont even lie I wasn't pampered. I was super pampered by my husband. Just mention it, "Baey, I want fish, chicken wings, fries, peppersoup, yam and egg...etc, he will just find a way to get it for me". I was really craving Nigerian food - Gala, Party Jollof rice, Ofada rice and all those local dishes you can buy in the restaurant but unfortunately they were out of reach so anytime I get so tired and fed up of all the food we have at home, I get a little pampering from le hubs and that really made me happy. Not only that, there were so many days I couldn't cook either because i'm too tired or just don't feel like and my best man yet will cook and serve me😍...Maybe i should be getting pregnant every year *lol😋*. But for him, I wouldn't have had it this smooth. He actually surpassed my expectations and i'm too sure he will be an awesome dad.

  • Swollen Feet: This broke my heart because I wasn't expecting it or let me say I wasn't prepared for it. My legs just started swelling up from week 28 and some days it becomes really hard to walk properly. I had to call my midwife to be sure it wasn't preeclampsia or some sort of complications. But thanks to God, it was just a normal preggy symptom. I was adviced to buy a compression socks but trust me, with my african mum, sisters and friends, we discovered that raising my legs up and putting pillow under the feet while sleeping solves it all. Its still there but definitely not as bad as before.

  • Growing Bump and Baby Kicks: I should say this is my favourite part of the whole experience. When I finished my first trimester, I thought "oh, the bump is finally coming out". Trust me at 25 weeks I was like "Wohoo, this is a real bump". It just keeps getting bigger and you cannot even know how. That's why I said it is magical. And to the kicks😍, I cannot even explain my joy anytime I feel my baby kick. I noticed that the kicks are more frequent at night when we are having dinner, prolly a foodie😁. I just feel there is a conversation going on anytime I feel the kicks and I try to respond by saying 'hi pumpkin, do you like the food?, Mummy loves you', and so on.
1st Trimester and 2nd Trimester Bump😍

There are so many amazing things about having a baby. Is it when you go baby shopping and everything is so so cute and you just want to buy all😍? or when you start having conversations with your hubs about who the baby will resemble or what names to give the baby? or when you are walking and people smile at you? or when friends and families check up on you just to know how you are feeling? Its been an emotional, amazing and magical experience for me so far. Looking forward to the last 100 days and of course meeting our new pumpkin. 

Side Note: Praying and remembering everyone around the world including my friends, hoping and wishing for this magical moment. God will hear your cry, wipe your tears and make your joy complete sooner than expected (Amen)😘

Until next time...💋