An Open Letter to my Dearest Husband

Hey Baby😍,
I am writing this piece from the depth of my heart to you. There is no reason behind this little piece, its just me writing down how I feel and also being thankful for having the best man in my life. You are my rock, shield, backbone and surely the best thing that has happened to me.

In 2010, you came into my life and 7 years after, it still seems like yesterday. I remember your first words to me, I remember how you called me every blessed day even with our distant relationship, coupled with so many uncertainties and my insecurities. I remember how you surprised me on my birthday unexpectedly in 2011, the many times you came visiting in my school, how can I even forget that you bought me my first blackberry phone and the constant support in my academics. You have seen me in the lowest moments of my life and of course the highest moment aswell. Not only have you shown me love for the past 7 years, you have also stayed close to me even when the promise of the future wasn't sure, you have been right there. I don't know why I decided to write this note now but surely, I believe in that number 7 a lot. It has always worked for me in all ways and just as we married in that perfect 7th month👫, I believe that so many more perfections awaits us.

I am so glad and proud of me that I made that decision of spending the rest of my life with you. It has been 2 years and 7 months of marital bliss coupled with tears, fun, quarrels of course and a lot of laughter. We have so many jokes we crack daily😂, we have acronyms for almost everything in our home, we eat dinner together every blessed day in the same plate (how romantic can that be😋) and that has always been the best part of my day so far. This year 2017, another perfect year with the number "7", we are going to be parents😍. 

I love you baey, I know I say this everyday but I can never get tired of saying it simply because I believe that the best decision I ever made in my life is "YOU"💝. Moments have passed, years have passed, life has happened but you have remained the best. I will stop here but always know one thing, I believe so much in you and I am always proud of the man you have become and becoming. Cheers baey...🍷🍷

Note: To whoever may find this piece, my advice for you is to stay true to yourself. Marriage isn't a roller coaster of love, fun or sex. It involves a lot of hard-work, dedication, reconciliation, lessons and compromise. You can never get it all at once, but there comes a moment when everything will begin to make sense and you two will become the best, its a process and no one can get it right in one day because its a bond full of lessons and of course blessings. We are still learning but one thing that has kept us is the friendship we have built over the years. I pray that our hearts remain one and most importantly pass those values to our children💋 #MyLittlePiece #FromMyHeartToYours #Ciao

Until next time...💋

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