Teni's Moana Themed 3rd Birthday Party

It's no longer news that my sweet baby girl clocked the big three on the 25th of July, 2020. I wrote an article about three things I love about her here, as she clocks the big 3. You can check that out first, if you haven't seen that yet. This year, since her birthday fell on a Saturday, we decided to celebrate it for her with few of her friends and family members. However, due to the restrictions and COVID-19, we decided to KISS (keep It Short and Simple)

Let's just say we were all celebrants😂

One fun fact about me (if you don't already know) is that I love to theme everything up. Having a theme brings life and vibes to whatever you want to do. Be it party, your home decor, your children's room, etc. I am not there yet when it comes to themes but I have definitely improved over the years. "Practice definitely makes perfect", so if you are planning to be a theme planner like me, keep practicing, keep doing it and taking pictures of your progress, with time, things will get better #BabySteps. Okay, let me not bore you with my theme stories. Today i'm going to be sharing few pictures from my girl's party and as usual, i'm only going to share my family pictures with y'all. Due to privacy, I won't be sharing pictures of the the guests. With no further ado, let's get right into it. Btw, her 1st year smiley themed party link can be found here and whoosh, I have definitely improved over the years #ProudMamaMoment

The reason why I chose Moana this year is because she has been loving all the Moana sound tracks lately and for some reason (actually no specific reason, let's be honest here😂), I was like why not make this happen. Before the party, we watched the movie together and even though i'm not a movie person, I definitely enjoyed watching the movie with my baby girl. I did a bit of research as usual on Pinterest on how to decorate and make this happen. I was going to go big on the decorations (cos Teni's mummy can be extra when it comes to her Teni) but again COVID-19 and since it was just an indoor get together, I teamed up with my friend and we came up with this magic. 

How beautiful is this setup❤️

Let me just say I was impressed with the outcome of the theme, the decorations, cake and costumes. This for sure gets the award for the best birthday party I have planned so far. Here are few of the pictures we took that day. I decided to divide the pictures into three groups. I hope you love them as much as I do.

First off, let me start with the balloons, table decoration, party packs and the cake. I grabbed 99% of the decorations off Amazon (moana balloons, leaves and napkins). The party packs were from Dollarama,  the beautiful sponge cake was designed by a Nigerian that I discovered on Instagram, the coconut and pineapple bottles were from party city and the cookies were from Superstore. My darling friend (Woyin) got me cookie toppings in the colour teal to blend in with the theme of the day and some of the decorations from party city. 

This cake was everything. I loved it so much❤️ So beautiful and the taste was good too

Another view of the table decoration

Next is the dress and costumes. I kept the costumes very simple. I bought the Moana dress and a flowery head band to complement it from Amazon. We couldn't get a perfect full image of her dress but I got a random picture in our balcony shortly before the guests arrived. I also changed her dress at a point, which was what she wore for the rest of the day.

Teni in her full Moana Costume

How beautiful is this picture❤️

The final part is the food and guests (again, no other faces but hey, you get to see my face & Teni's cousins faces). The food menu was pretty simple. We had Nigerian jollof rice and fried rice of course, turkey, beef, puffpuff, salad, chips, some fruits and varieties of drinks. Sadly the cross section of the food table wasn't captured but that's fine, it cannot always be perfect, right?

A Nigerian party without Jollof, is that a party? hahahahaha😄 

I was definitely in my best mood that day. I would have loved if there were games and other fun activities to do but I was glad Teni had her friends around. They jumped around, played with bubbles (her favourite thing to do at the moment), some toys and generally just had a superb play date. We woke up to an untidy house but hey, it was totally worth the mess. 

One of my favourite pictures of us

Teni and her Cousins❤️

Again, it was our birthday too😄 #Mood

I will like to say a very big thank you to everyone that made this happen (my friends, family members and awesome vendors around). I will also like to appreciate my beautiful friend, Woyin. I kept buzzing her with my rants and she was always there to listen and offer an helping hand. She made the backdrop balloons and took all these lovely pictures. She is AWESOME. Next is the cake maker (click the link here to her IG profile), I haven't seen or met her before but she made my imaginations into reality. The food was delivered on time, the puffpuff was well made. Everything was just perfect for me. How will I forget myself and my lover? Oh yeah, we deserve some accolades peeps for putting this together. He brought up the idea and I came up with the planning (team work they say makes the dream work). We definitely worked as a team to bring this into reality. Nobody was stressed out and everybody was happy at the end of the day. What a special and memorable day. We wish our warrior and special baby girl awesome years ahead. I am definitely not the one to throw birthday parties every year but I will always celebrate her as long as I live 🥳

Faces of the planners and Parents of the day❤️ #Mood

After all is said & done, this smile says it all. My baby girl was captured in her best mood❤️

Thank you as always for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed reading this piece as much as I enjoyed writing about it & Until next time...💋

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