The Parents Tag (2019)

Do y'all remember when I did the Mummy tag (2018)? If you are new to my blog, here is a catch up link here. I wanted to do another Mummy tag (2019) but I decided to wait a little bit more for Teni to come do it with me when she is a little bit older (I mean she will answer the questions herself💃). That one will definitely be fun but I just have to wait for it even though I can't wait😜

In other news, today we are doing the *drum roll*, parents tag. The parents tag in my definition is just a series of questions answered by parents to either know who knows their child better or just a way for parents to express how they feel about the experience and journey so far.

In order to join in the fun and participate in this tag. All I did was get 10 random questions online and we just answered it in our own way. Best believe, every Parent feels differently about the experience. It was nice to hear from my husband aka Baby Zaddy's point of view. This was actually a fun one and I wrote down my husband's response just the way he said it (raw responses) Most of these tags are videos online but as y'all already know, your girl loves to write it all down. So, I decided do ours in a blog post. I hope you enjoy this piece from us and feel free to copy and do yours aswell, if you want to join in the fun.

Parents Tag Q/A
1. Do you think your relationship with your spouse has changed since you had your child? Yes/No, How?

Daddy - Yes. The way we do things is different. We do more things together and we spend more time talking about our daughter.

Mummy - Definitely yes. Our relationship actually got better since we had our daughter. There are so many things to discuss about and guess what? We never make any decisions without considering her first.

Cute Parents Alert😋
2. Does it ever scare you that you're literally responsible for someone's life?

Daddy -  When she just was just birthed yes, but right now, I don't feel that much pressure or stress

Mummy - Well, I would say Yes and No. Initially as my husband said yes, we were a lil' worried about every damn thing including how she breathes (hahahhaha). However, right now, no, we just move with the flow while we constantly remind ourselves that we are have been given a role to play as a teacher and friend and not fuss over every damn thing. 

Teni was just 1 month old here😍

Still as new Parents. This was in 2018 and Teni was a lil over 6 months here

Now as Parents to a 2 year old...Ewww, time truly flies fast😘
3. What’s the best thing about parenting?

Daddy -  Having a little one who loves you unconditionally. The way she says "Daddy, I love you", "where are you?". Also the excitement she expresses, when she sees me after a while, is just bliss

Mummy -  The best thing about parenting for me is having a mini me. I noticed that she watches me a lot and as also started mimicking some of my characters. It's just beautiful to watch her grow. I honestly can't get enough of this journey. It's not perfect but I cannot complain honestly

Omoteniola's Parents😍
4. When your child throw tantrums in public, how do you feel?

Daddy - Embarrassed.

Mummy -  I just deal with it to be honest. I don't even have time to think about how I feel😂 if that makes sense

All Teni wanted here was to stay here all day/night and keep playing with the balloons. Her face says it all😂

4. How many more kid(s) do you want?

Daddy -  Ideally, I want 2 more but the childcare expenses doesn't allow for that. Let's see what happens. 1 kid at a time (hahahhahhaha)

The face i'm giving my husband for the statement "Ideally, I want 2 more..."😹
Mummy -  "Maybe" 1 more #IfYouKnowYouKnow 
Throwing it all the way back to our DIY pregnancy photoshoot in 2017😍
5. Did you realize how much your kid was going to cost before you had one?

Daddy - When I was going to have my baby, cost wasn't my agenda. I just wanted to be a father plus I knew that raising a family abroad wasn't cheap.

Mummy - Well, as a planner that I am. I never let anything catch me unawares. I try my best to plan EVERYTHING ahead. I sort of saw the expenses upfront since we even had her in Sweden. However, I also have to mention that when we moved to Canada, the childcare expenses was very different from what we were used to. But generally in terms of having a kid and the cost, I would just say we are managing it well to the best of our ability.

Teni's Parents be like "cost or no cost, #WeMove😂
6. What are your proudest and most frustrating moments as a parent?

Proudest - When my daughter says 'i love you daddy' or when she says 'that's my daddy in public' or when I pick her up in school and she says 'Daddy!!!'

Frustrating - When she was younger and she couldn't express herself or when she falls sick. It was hard to know how to help and the doctor would say she will be fine. That was really frustrating then. However things get better as they grow older, now she is more expressive

Proudest - The way she relates to me and her Dad. She just has a way of making us know that she sees all our efforts. Her words are so sweet. Words like "thank you, Mummy", " I love you" are just everything to me & considering it's coming from a 2 year old is just bliss😍

Frustrating - When she is really angry and throwing tantrums...eeeeww. Sometimes she also tears her books and throws things around the house. In those moments, I try my best to stay calm but sometimes, i'm a little frustrated and angry to be honest.

Reintroducing my best girl. Sometimes she sits pretty with her mickey and sometimes she is all over the place😹
7. How do you discipline your child?

Daddy - She is still a baby. However, sometimes we talk her through it. Sometimes we raise our voice to express our disapproval. While most times we just distract her from the situation.

Mummy -  Yeah, just as my husband said. We have sort of created a way to discipline her by distracting her from the situation. I mean, this is just an innocent 2 year old toddler trying to explore the world. That being said, sometimes we raise our voices just so she understands we are serious and we also understand that at that age, they have a lot of tricks in their head. So Parents be alert, don't allow them to use cuteness to cover their flaws (hahahhaaha, just kidding. Just try to balance it all)

Messages like this keep me going on very difficult days

8. How is your relationship with friends since having a child?

Daddy - I don't have a lot of friends to start with. However most of my friends were fathers before me, so there wasn't really any difference per say

Mummy - For me, I have different friends for different situations. If I have questions that relate to Parenting, I sort of drift to my friends with kids. Generally, my relationship with most of my close friends hasn't really changed but we may not have that free time or be as close as before. Everyone is busy with adulting at the moment😄

9. Finish these sentences:

“You know you’re a dad when somebody wakes you up when you don't want to?”
“You know you’re a mom when using two hands to complete a task is luxury (copied but so true)

10. One phrase that sums up parenting?

Daddy - 'It's exciting, stressful and rewarding'

Mummy - Beautiful, tiring and of course, takes a lot of patience

This sums up our Parents tag, 2019. I absolutely had fun "coercing" my husband to join me on this tag😂. I "hope" Teni can see this one day and just laugh over it. Thank y'all for stopping by & as mentioned earlier, feel free to join if you have a blog or YouTube channel. Until next time...💋

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