Introduction to "Code With Me" Challenge

Hi guyz. Hope y'all are doing great. Today's article is going to be a very short and precise one and from the title, I guess you already know what this is all about.

Well, yes. I will be introducing a new column on my blog (*drum roll*...yeeee)...This column is all about CODING (learning to code, my progress, projects I try my hands on, the challenges I face and lots more). If you are in STEM, or aspiring to be one or already one, i'm very sure you will have one or two things to learn from this challenge. 

Coding isn't entirely new to me. During my second year at the University, I attempted to learn C#. For some reasons, I got really discouraged and gave up on it. I tried again during my Master's degree in Sweden but I guess the fear of the "unknown" got me discouraged and I decided to yield to my comfort zone. I have also done a lot of HTML & CSS on my blog, just to customize & update it to my preference. But, after going back & forth and seeing all the great things I can achieve with this path. I have decided to embrace it again. 

To be honest, I am a very secretive/private person & most times, I enjoy going through life alone. However, I have decided to try to move out of my comfort zone this time and put myself out there on this journey. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I won't fail at it as there has been a lot of underground discussions, talking to people and finally making this decision of putting things out there. I don't pray to fail/give up this time as my conviction, maturity level and knowledge about so many things and living life as a whole is way better than before but even if I fail at it (which I don't pray to), it's still going to be a win-win situation as I can come back anytime here to review this precious moment of my life.

With no further ado, welcome to my "code with me challenge". It's going to be a journey. I have started with the "FreeCode Camp". I plan to finish this camp. While at it, I will be documenting some of the lessons and tests I will be doing and the ways I solved them. I am also going to share few tips /tricks on coding plus any interesting thing(s) I learn on this journey. Feel free to drop a comment if you ever come across any of my coding articles. 

Thank you as always for stopping by in my little corner today❤️. Let the challenge begin (3, 2, 1....BINGO!!!)

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