Have you seen my first Website?

If you have been following my #CodeWithMe challenge here. You will understand my excitement better. It's been a journey. I started with FreeCode Camp and later bought a complete web development bootcamp course on Udemy. I have been combining these two courses and to be honest, the struggle has been damn real. Finally I created this piece that i'm so damn proud to share it with y'all. I created my first website (yaay) and also launched it here.

Right now, i'm a lil bit confident with HTML and currently working on more projects with HTML and CSS. Btw, I wrote an article on "5 differences between CSS and HTML" which I find very interesting and informative. You can check that out here.

Below is a screenshot of how my first website looks like with just HTML. I will keep working on it to add CSS styles to it so if you go there (which I know you just did😜) and it looks different from the screenshot that I have here, then it's because I have added some CSS tags and elements to it

Final Thoughts: HTML was good and not so complicated. I totalled enjoyed most of the lessons I had on it. That alone cannot get you a job as a developer so we have to keep learning as each day passes. Remember "learning never stops".

This was just a short piece to share my first project with y'all and my progress generally on this journey. Make sure you check out my resume on Github on your way out. Until next time...💋

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