Motherhood: The Struggle has been REAL

Today is about being real😑... Motherhood has changed me a LOT!!! *screaming*😛, lol. Some days a girl needs to be silly😋...Okay, let me be serious now😄. Like they say Motherhood is a journey and truly I totally understand that saying now because dayum (damn), even your mum can't tell you all. You learn on the job mehn...So its been 6 months of Wemimo being a Mum (how crazy does that sound)...Sometimes, I just look at my baby and i'm wondering if i'm truly a mum because its just magical. However after all the cuteness, "awwing" and all the kisses, there are some struggles that are damn so REAL and I know I am not the only mum going through this. In as much as I love being a mum and I totally enjoy the journey/wish everybody would go through it, however so many realities have set in and I will be sharing my own top 5 right here, right now.

  • Losing Baby Fat: We live in a social media age now and some days you just open your IG page and all you see is one mum that just had a baby and the waist is all snatched after a week or two, and you see people commenting #BodyGoals #MamaBear😄 and you are like c'mon HOW??? lol....Anyway that's just by the way but for me the struggle to snatch that waist/body back to reset has been REAL. 6 months after and I am still on it. A lot of people will tell you breastfeeding helps, this and that and so so many freaking pieces of advice but my dear always bear this at the back of your mind "Different strokes for different people". Some people lose weight naturally without gym or any diet while some people need to sleep in the gym to lose that weight. In short breastfeeding didn't do anything for me until I started eating healthy and trying some home workouts. Anyway at the end of all these rants😄, I have finally been able to loose some weight as I continue to lose it in 2018, my motto is "slowly but surely". However, let me just say dayum, the struggle has been REAL.

#MamaBear #RockingPreggyFat

  • The twins are now depressed😖: The twins aka boobs are now depressed. As I am writing this post, I am also laughing because this is just funny but REAL. Okay the truth is the twins will never be the same again. I am not saying they will look totally deformed don't get me wrong. However they will NEVER be the same as before. Some people may experience saggy boobs, some may experience stretch marks. It's just some changes happening right there so be prepared. It took me some time to accept the reality but c'mon you are a milk machine so even if the twins don't look all sexy and cute as before again, find some consolation in your baby and love the new look. That is my little advice.

    Just a random Picture from Google #Justforlaughs #NotThisBadooo #PickRace

  • Wardrobe Malfunction: Hmmm, this one has been my REAL struggle😣😢. First, I love looking good in the most decent and simplest way. Inshort, I am such a minimalist simply because nothing lasts forever. Secondly, I have yammy arms😃 (big arms), yes I know right, its my signature. When I got pregnant, the arms became bigger. All my pregnancy weight literally lied in my arms, cheeks and hips😒 (na only me waka come) I mean, my jeans weren't fitting, my tops will get stuck on the arm level and all sorts. Even though I was able to manage pregnancy perfectly, after giving birth I had a terrible wardrobe malfunction. I had NOTHING to wear. So I had two options- lose the weight or change your wardrobe. Changing my wardrobe was a no for me because I have added weight in the last few years which cost me changing my wardrobe and if I decide to change my wardrobe for the second time, what will now happen to the old clothes😱 hmmm (question for the gods, shey?). Anyway, I kukuma jejely (just) decided to lose the weight and stick to my wardrobe. I don't even have all that money to be changing wardrobe upandan (up and down). However, sticking to my old clothes cost me a lot of wardrobe malfunction. The few days we have had outings, I am always stuck as I just don't know what to wear or end up wearing what doesn't really fit and lots more.Although I know that if I was in Nigeria, I would have been able to manage this situation beautifully because I can sew and I would be able to get some cute and affordable wears that will fit the new me. However, after 6 months of this motherhood thing, all I can say is that, I have been able to get some hacks and discover few new ways to combine. But this Sweden yeye (harsh) weather will not allow me to shine sef 😭

When the struggle is real. Image from Pinterest
  • Family Outings: Before we had a baby, we just dash out 5-8 minutes before the bus arrives, take few pictures (I take 99% of my outdoor pictures on the way to the bus stop😃) and still meet up. However since Teni arrived, the struggle has been REAL. We have to leave the house at least 15 minutes before the bus arrives, get her comfortable in her stroller, make sure she is not feeling cold and all that jazz. I don't even get to take pictures as I use to because I have to pay attention to the little one and 99% of the pictures are not all glammed up or nice as I would want it to be. Presently, its all cold and dark in Sweden so after wearing jacket, gloves and boots, that alone has killed the morale of the picture but I am seriously looking forward to Spring as Teni would have grown older/bigger and the weather would be much better (lighter jackets and sunny days)

Before Pregnancy

During Pregnancy

Few weeks after Teni's arrival 😗

Now 😍 (more like indoor street style now😄)

  • Hair! Hair!! Hair!!!: The struggle to even get your hair done in this obodo-oyinbo (abroad) is already REAL. It is very expensive although for me I am lucky/blessed to have a friend who would make my hair for me free but she also has her personal life and it would be totally unfair to be making my hair weekly or even bi-weekly. Girl if you want all those baby girl treatment, find yaself (yourself) an hairdresser and pay😛. However, when I discovered crochet (2016), I had a different kind of relationship with it. Like we just fell in love with each other. When I became a mum, all those #BigHairDontCare mood just died naturally. Yes fashion is pain but with a baby don't bother compounding your problem with that big hair jazz or even all those long weaves except its a wig. I have tried the two and it was an epic fail. I have kukuma jejely resorted to wigs and short hair for now till she is at least 1 year old then maybe/maybe not I will be back to my crochet/ long hair. But if you ever see me on long weaves or crochet just know izza wig simply cos your girl cannot comman goan die on top fashion😃, plz who fashion epp 🙈

My last attempt (December 2017) with crochet till further notice 😏

My new signature look till🤷...(January 2017)

Anyway this is just a fun real life post about some out of the many struggles I have faced as a first time mum. I wouldn't have it in any other way and I am glad I get to share my experiences. My advice to all the mums out there is that don't get stuck or depressed over body changes. Its okay to be sad, cry sometimes or even be down but don't stay there. Trust me, I have had so many low days where I just look at how I was/ how I am now but I don't stay there. I have turned my new look to jokes and make fun of myself. This has helped me to even love me more. I will try to lose the baby fat and get myself in shape but I am not going to kill myself or compare myself to anyone. Remember "different strokes for different people".

Until next time...💋

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